Friday, November 18, 2011

Hard Times Ahead: How To Be Better Prepared

I read this here at new life on a homestead it pretty much sums up how I feel and part of the reason I have stated this blog so I could share some of the things that I am doing to be more self sustaining. A very good article about what is coming and what we need to do.

I know the media is telling us that things are looking up. I know they say unemployment numbers are dropping. And we’ve all heard them saying the economy is on the rebound. But frankly, I’m just not convinced.
The thing is, they have to tell us that. If they told us the truth, that we are most likely heading into a much deeper recession, yes maybe even a depression, then panic would sweep across our nation and runs on banks would cause pandemonium.

Businesses are continuing the layoffs and cut backs.
And all of this printing of money out of thin air has caused inflation to already begin creeping into the market. Have you noticed your grocery bill going up lately? Those of you on a tight budget may be realizing that your money isn’t going as far as it used to. We’ve definitely noticed the price increases, and have had to raise our food budget to make room for it.
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I’d like to offer a few suggestions…
1. First of all, realize that the Lord is in control.
2. Build your food storage. I’ll try to elaborate on this more in another post, but it is so important that you have a good amount of food on hand. I would suggest building up a year’s worth of food supplies; canned fruits and veggies, grains (wheat, rice, sugar), beans, pasta, powdered milk, water, etc. This is a great way to prepare for hyperinflation or economic crises, job loss, or other disasters. I’d even go so far as to say that it is more important that you have a food storage built up than a large savings account. If hyperinflation were to set in, those digits you see in your bank account will not be worth one dime. Food would be a more valuable asset than worthless paper. And if you were to lose your job, food would be one less thing you’d have to worry about spending money on.
3. Consider buying silver.
People, this is NOT GOOD.
If our currency loses it’s value, how will we buy or sell? Yes, bartering would make a huge comeback!
Again, what if that paper money you have is suddenly worth nothing? Changing some of your savings into silver bullion is definitely something to consider. Don’t think hyperinflation could happen? Do a little research into every case of hyperinflation in other countries. You’ll see it’s for real, and we are doing exactly the same things that brought it about in every other instance. If we don’t do something to stop this out of control spending, I don’t see how we can avoid an economic collapse.
I like the idea of using silver coins because they are much more affordable than gold, and would be more spendable due to their smaller values. Now, I’m not suggesting that you turn all of your cash into silver coins, but I do believe it would be wise to have some on hand for emergencies. You can buy it at local coin and jewelry stores, or order online.
4. Start a Garden.
*If you are able to have a few chickens for meat and eggs, you might as well get started on that too!
5. Guns and Ammo.
6. Get out of debt!!
7. Gather supplies you would need if you were to live without electricity.
8. Get to know your neighbors.
9. Stock up on herbal medicine supplies and books. Don’t forget your vitamins.
10. Collect several “living off the land/survival” type books.
11. Learn Forgotten Skills.
Whatever you do, please do something. If you only do one of these things, at least you’ll be a step ahead. I wish I knew what was going to happen with our country. I wish I knew if things would pick up and get back to normal soon. If only there were some way of knowing exactly what is lying in store for us. But we don’t know. And we cannot trust the media to tell us. We simply have to be prepared to be able to take care of ourselves and our family should the hard times hit. Don’t be caught unprepared.
I’m sure I missed some really good ideas for being prepared. Have any other suggestions you can share with us??
Sewing, cooking from scratch (and No, Hamburger Helper is not considered from scratch!), soap making… go visit grandma, you could probably learn a lot!!
If you can’t get on the internet to google how to skin a rabbit you’re gonna be in a mess!
These are the people you may be turning to the most in desperate times.
I’ll probably have to do a whole post on this subject too!! But basically, think about how you would live day to day without power or heat and A/C. Cast iron cookware for cooking over a fire, a clothes line, solar panels, hand well pump, non-electric appliances, a wood stove… you get the idea.
Check out Dave Ramsey. Seriously.
Sounds hard core, but if things do get bad you will need to be able to defend yourself and your family, and hunt for food. Ammo is getting more and more expensive. It would be nice to have a good stockpile of it. While you’re at it, a good hunting knife and fishing rod would be very useful too!
Even if you’ve never gardened in your life, now is the time to start growing something! Even those of you with only a balcony can do some container gardening. Grow something!!
Do you guys realize that the Federal Reserve is pumping money into our system at an unprecedented rate?? We have never in our history done anything like this before. Do you know what happens when money is printed over and over and over with nothing to back it??
We are not to fear the future, but do our best to prepare for it.
A recent report states that 1 in 5 Americans is either out of work or underemployed. That number is staggering! That’s 17.5 percent of Americans. Unfortunately, that doesn’t even include all of the people who have given up a job search!hyperinflation” looms overhead. But what can we do about it? How can we be prepared should things get really bad before they get better?