Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Year New Attitude

 Obviously my plan of keeping up on the blog didn’t happen. In my defense though I have been having some personal issues this past year and a half that I have been trying to deal with, which I might add I haven’t dealt with very well, and have to admit have been having a very long pity party, Been doing a whole lot of soul searching, and praying trying to deal with this. I have decided there are some things just plain out of my control and that I just can’t change (and believe me I have tried). So I have a choice continue in my self-pity and let life pass me by, or pull my big girl britches up and get on with things. Life is way too short to let it pass me by. So my goal for the New Year is get it together in all aspects of my life. Get back to living frugally, I have really fallen off the tracks on that one ( pretty hard to be motivated when you are having a huge pity party). Blogging regular, more sewing and crocheting, doing more with the kids in daycare. Getting the extra weight off that I have piled on the last couple years and getting a lot more fit.

I moved and renamed the blog in hopes of improving it (I guess in order to improve it you actually have to blog HaHa). I look forward to sharing new things with you all.

Mondays I will be doing the 300 a month, goals and things I am working on. (Sewing, crocheting, working out, canning and herbs) I have several projects in mind.

Tuesdays I will be doing post concerning food, (recipes, canning, shortcuts, and things pertaining to food).

Wednesdays will be herbs I want to highlight one herb a week.

Thursdays will be a whatever, I do want to redo some of my older post, update and redo them I will do this on Thursdays.

Fridays will be a recap of the week in daycare, lessons, crafts, music, P.E. and some of the things we have done.

Saturdays I will do the food storage challenge, This year I want to add some recipes for using you storage.  

Sundays I will not be posting, that is church and family time.

So this is the plan hopefully I can stick to it and get out of my rut. Look forward to seeing you Monday and have a great New Years and stay safe.
Hope to see you at the new site Frugal Living on the Ranch.