Tuesday, April 21, 2015

300 a Month, Week goals, Menu.

My new brand necklace Andy had Ann Schwarting make, she does great work. Love it.
Things have been soo busy around here trying to get everything ready for graduation, getting taxes done, calving and branding, yard work, potatoes,  FFA Banquet,( Joleen received her state degree) and seems like a million other things.
We finally got taxes sent off with 5 days to spare. It has never taken this long to get them done, but not having all of last years info really made it challenging to say the least.
We branded this last weekend, only have 5 cows left to calve. Then we will brand those last few and we will be done with that.
When we lost the computer I also lost all the address, so I am trying to gather up all the address so I can get graduation announcement sent out. ( finally got them ordered should be here today or tomorrow).
I have been working like crazy to get the yard ready. Doing things I have wanted to do for a few years, and some stuff that has just needed to be done.
I finally got all the potatoes put up. I froze, dried, canned and canned beef and chicken soup.(was starting to wonder if I would ever get them all put up haha)
Well here is my spending for March.
City Market had Milk, Cheese, Peanut butter, gold fish(I like to keep a few of these on hand for a snack on the go for the girls) and pasta on sale this month.
I spent 129.49 at City Market
16.94 at Wal-Mart on chicken and beef bullion and T.P.
For a total of 146.43. Add that to the beginning of the months 104.02 for a total of  250.45 for March.
March 250.45 with 49.55 left over for March.
That gives me 3030.17 left for the year.
So far for April I have spent 40.61 on cheese, kidney beans( I have a new recipe I want to try that calls for kidney beans) Spinach ,bananas, and salmon this is another thing I don't use a lot of but with the issues on the west coast with the fish populations dying off I want to have a few cans on hand ).
For April I have spent  40.61 which leaves me with 259.84 for the month and 2989.56 for the year.
The goals for this week are to continue getting things ready for graduation. I haven't been working on my herbal class so I do need to try and put in a little time on that.
Menu for this week
French toast
Cheese omelets
scrambled eggs
Grilled Cheese
Macaroni and Tomato
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Chicken Noddle
French Toast
Will have what ever kind of fruit I have, and crackers with the soup.
For Andy's lunch he will have leftovers from the night before.
Chicken Fried Steak/Fried Potatoes
Fire dept. has pack test tonight then a BBQ will eat there.
Beef tips/ noodles
Stuffed Peppers
Mexican Steak
Cheese Burger Pie
Will have a veggie of some sort and bread with each meal.
Saturday or Sunday we will have leftovers.
Hope everyone has a great week.  

Friday, April 17, 2015

Week 15 Food Storage Challenge

12  Boxes of Mac & Cheese / Tomato Products
12 Boxes of Mac& Cheese or if you have your own cheese powder that you like, use that and get extra macaroni.
Tomato Products. Tomato sauce, whole, crushed, rotel or what ever you use. I buy tomato sauce in # 10 cans (cheaper that way) and recan it into smaller jars. You might want to grow extra tomatoes so you can can a bunch. I can my own rotel, stewed, crushed,salsa and basil. If I have enough tomato's left I will can tomato sauce.
Add some more to your water.
Put back a few more dollars in your money stash.
Have a great week.


Friday, April 10, 2015

Week 14 Food Storage Challenge

5 Pounds Peanut Butter / Cheese
5 pounds of peanut butter. If you have someone in your family who is allergic to peanuts, you might want to get some different nut butters like cashew, almond butter or nutela in addition to the peanut butter. Also if you have a way to grind your own nut butters you can store some different types of nuts.

Cheese you can freeze your cheese, or you can can it. I put the shredded in the freezer then can some block cheese. Some people dehydrate their cheese, I have tried this with out much luck so canning and freezing are my options. If you make your own cheese be it the soft or hard cheeses be sure to put back extra supplies for this.  You can also buy the powdered cheese, if you do this buy a small amount first and try it, some are ok and some are not. I bought a large container and did not like it, so start small and make sure you like what you are getting. You can also look into the canned cheese sauce. I have some of this put back, but like the cheese powder buy a small can and try it before you buy the larger cans. I have tried waxing the cheese and not real crazy about this either , you have to be very careful to make sure it is completely waxed because if there is even a small tiny hole the cheese will mold. This also continues to age the cheese, so after it has sat for a  year or so the cheese will be very very strong. 
Add more to your money stash even if it is only a few dollars.

Keep putting back water.

How is the knitting or crocheting coming along?

Keep working on your car kits if you are trying to get these together.

Have a great week.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Week 13 Food Storage Challenge

1000 multi Vitamins/ Canned Vegetables

1000 Multi Vitamins, You may not be able to eat as well as you should so a multi vitamin will help ensure you have all the nutrients that you need.

Canned Vegetables, Even if you can your own it would be good if you had a few extra cans or jars on hand (You can also have dried if you don’t want to have to try and store all the extra cans or jars).  Just in case you have a year that your garden doesn’t produce as well as it should.

If you don't have a lot of extra vegetables from your garden that you can dehydrate,  a quick and easy way to dry vegetables is to buy the frozen at the store then all you have to do is put them on your dehydrator trays and dry. (No need to blanch or anything they are ready to go.)

The thing to get this month is seeds. Try to get heirloom if at all possible, then you can harvest the seeds for next year. Get extra and keep in a cool place.

If you haven’t planned you garden yet now is the time. Even if you only have a small place, you can plant a few things. There is a lot of info on the Internet for small space gardening, there is some really good information Here. If at all possible grow extra so you can put back enough for winter.

If you don’t already have a car kit in each vehicle try to do that this month. Be sure to include extra food ,water and blanket,

The skill for this month is to learn to crochet or knit. This way you can make blankets, socks, scarves, sweaters and baby things and many other things.

Add some more to your money stash.

Have a great week.