Thursday, June 23, 2016

Now is not the time for prepper fatigue / frugal fatigue

Seems like everywhere I go on the internet preppers are ramping up their preps and trying to get ready for what is coming. They are all sensing that with so many things going on in the world it is only a matter of time before it all bottoms out.

I had always heard of people getting prepper fatigue, and always thought how can you stop wanting to prep it is so important.
Well about 6 months ago I started losing intrest in prepping I was having a hard time trying to get stuff to put back much less repackage or can what needed to be done. Neglecting my blog , even my yard is suffering. Even wondering if it was all worth it.

I think part of it was I had just got so tired of telling my family and friends that they needed to be getting ready for hard times that never seemed to come. I have gotten to where I don't even say anything anymore because I know they think I am crazy, and that nothing bad is ever going to happen. This is the U.S.  things have always been good here, bad things only happen in other places. Even though there is so much going on right now with all the fires, flooding, tornados, record heat, the economy, Unless it affects them directly they don't give it a second thought. And another thing is I have been dealing with a couple issues in my personal life that I have let get to me more then I should have.

Then to make matters worse I the past few months I have had frugal fatigue also. I have been working so hard the past few years to pinch every penny that I can. Well here lately  I have been taking the  easy way, buying things that I should be making instead, the girls even talked me into buying laundry soap , fabric soften and dryer sheets. I have even been using the dryer instead of hanging out clothes, it is awful.

I am trying to get back to where I need to be. With everything going on here and in the rest of the world I think it is only a matter of time before it all falls apart, although I have thought this for the past several years, But I do know they can only keep kicking the can down the road for only so long, and what is bad the longer they prolong what is coming the worse it is going to be. Not to mention the possibility of a natural disaster. 

I really feel like now is the worst time to have prepper/frugal fatigue so I am trying to get back in the swing of things. I have been reading other prepper/frugal sites, reading the comments and realizing that everyone is trying to double down on preps and trying to save money to get ready for what is to come. I have several young mothers that I babysit for ( a couple being single moms ) and my own daughters and their friends that I need to be setting an example for and showing them ways that they can save money in these hard times and in the harder times to come. So hopefully I can get back on track with things, get the blog caught up, more garden and trees planted, sewing, canning, and all the things I need to be working on plus I want to give some classes on canning and saving money.

So have you had prepper or frugal fatigue and if so what did you do to get over it? I would love to hear what you have to say.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

June Food Storage Challenge weeks 22,23.24,25

Ok I completely dropped the ball on this for the month of June.
I am going to make just one post for the month of June and make it simple stuff to make catching it up a little easier. I do have the items on the side bar a few weeks in advance but I do like to go into a little more detail.
Week 22
1000 Multi Vitamins / Canned Fruit
It is a good idea to take vitamins on a daily basis since most of our foods don't have enough nutrients in them like they use to. If you are in a situation where you are having to relay on your food storage that more than likely means you are under a lot more stress and probably are being more physical, so you will need the extra vitamins and minerals that you get from a good multi vitamin. This is one thing that you want to make sure and rotate as you use. Get the vitamins that you use on a daily basis. I like to get mine from Puritans pride they have reasonable prices and several to chose from. 
Canned fruit you can either can your own or get from the store. Wal-Mart has canned fruit from 98 cents up to 1.86 depending on what you get.
This months action item is to learn where the shut off  valves are for your water, and gas. And where your main breaker is for the electricity. And how to close and turn them off.
The extra item for this month is Games, puzzles, and books. If you have no power it will be nice to have some games, puzzles and books to help pass the time. You can pick up a lot of these at yard sales. If the games don't have all the pieces you can usually go online to the company and for a small price get the missing pieces. Puzzles you do have to be a little more careful with when buying used. I very seldom will buy a puzzle from a yard sale or second hand store I try to get these when they have been marked down at the store or on clearance sale. Books you can get a second hand stores, yard sale and used book stores. Get a variety of books not everyone is going to want to read what you think are the best books.
Week 23
12 boxes of Mac and Cheese / Popcorn
Mac and Cheese get the brand that your family will eat. Mine have ate the store brand for so long they don't like the name brand.
Wal-Mart has mac and cheese for 78 cents a box. Another option is if you have a good cheese powder that you like store that and extra macaroni.
Popcorn,  this is nice to have just for a snack food. Learn how to cook this on the stove. This is the only way I cook popcorn, I think it taste way better this way.   
Week 24,
20 pounds Pasta / Dried Potatoes
20 Pounds of pasta I usually get macaroni and spaghetti noodles since it is pretty easy to make your own noodles. Wal-Mart has these for 1.00.
Dried Potatoes, You can dry your own or buy boxes of instant potato's, If you dry your own you can get large bags of potatoes from the farmer or get them when on sale. Another easy way to dehydrate potatoes if you don't have a cheap and easy way to get fresh is to buy frozen and dehydrate them.
Week 25
10 Pounds of Powder Milk / Garbage bags
10 Pounds of powder milk when you get this you do need to repackage. I put mine in quart jars and dry pack. Powder milk if stored correctly will last a very ling time. Wal-Mart has powder milk 64 ounces for 15.98 or 25.60 ounces for 7.98.
Garbage bags There are so many other uses for these it is a good idea to have extras on hand.
Don't forget to add some to your money stash even if it only a few dollars, it all adds up.
Put back more water.