Friday, January 29, 2016

Week 5 Food Storage Challenge

10 Pounds Powdered Milk / 10 Pounds Pasta
10 Pounds powdered Milk. Wal-Mart has powdered milk 64 oz. for 15.98. According to the passport for Survival non fat powder milk will last for over 15 years when stored in a dry cool place. Some people say to repackage your milk and some say not to. I have some several years old that I didn't repackage and it has been fine to cook with, I don't drink milk so I am not sure how it would taste I have heard that if you add a little vanilla to the old powder milk it helps with the taste if you have to drink it.
10 Pounds Pasta, Wal-Mart has most pasta for 1.00 a pound. If you plan on making your own just put back a little more wheat or flour, you can make it without eggs but if you want to use eggs just store a little extra egg powder.
Keep putting back water, or buy a few gallons to store.
How are you doing getting into shape?  

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What books do you consider important?

The other day I recommened a book to K at planningandforesight it was The Survival Medicine Handbook. Well he asked his readers what books they thought were important for when things go south. That got me to thinking about what books I think are important to have, so I thought I would put together a list of the books I think are important and share them.
I have a ton of books but here is a list of some of the books that I have that I think are important in no special order.
  1. Bible
  2. A good canning book ( Ball book of canning).I have a Kerr canning book, Don't know if you can find that anymore, I also have a couple other books that have a lot of canning info in them.
  3. The survival Medicine Handbook ( Joseph Alton, M.D. Amy Alton, A.R.N.P aka Dr. Bones ans Nurse Amy). This book is wonderful it has all kinds of information in it from antibiotics to major illness, It covers so many areas that you may encounter in a collapse situation. 
  4. Beyond Collapse ( T.Joseph Miller Jr.). This book has a lot of information as to what to do before and after a collapse.
  5. Food Drying ( Phyllis Hobson)I love this book I have had it for some time,It is an older book and seem to cover every thing even meat and dairy. It also tells how to build a dehydrator. If you don't have a dehydrator it gives instructions for oven and sun drying.
  6. Stocking up ( by the staff of Organic Gardening and Farming 1973). This is another older book that I just love. It covers everything. Canning, drying, freezing, harvesting, smoking, underground storage. There is so much information in this book. 
  7. Passport to Survival ( Esther Dickey). This book comes from the LDS book store and is another old book. It has a lot of food storage recipes using wheat, salt, honey and powdered milk. There are recipes using a few other things but most use these four ingredients. I mean seriously who know you could make Ice cream and pudding with these four things.
  8. The Soapmaker's Companion (Susan Miller Cavitch). This is my go to book when making soap it has a ton of information on soap making.
  9. A Complete Course In Dressmaking (Isabel DeNyse Conover).This one I downloaded off the internet it is copyrighted 1921it has a lot of basic information on sewing. I have several books on sewing, but if you are just starting out a book with the basics is what you want.
  10. We have Joleen's Advanced EMT book and Andy's 1st responders books in addition to a first aid book. We are very fortunate  that Andy has some basic medical training and Joleen will have a lot more when she has completed her Advanced EMT training.
  11.  We have a book on tanning hides. I am not sure of the name it is on a bookshelf behind a book self ( I know, don't judge Space is very limited in my house).Andy has been wanting to learn to do this but hasn't had the time to do it yet.
  12. The complete Encyclopedia of stitchery (by Mildred Graves Ryan.) Another old book this covers all the different types of stitchery from crochet to sewing and every thing in between.
  13. The Clinical textbook for Veterinary Technicians Joleen was given this book when she was thinking about becoming a Vet. It has a lot of small to large animal information.
  14. Andy has a book on reloading not sure which one ( it's on his reloading table and I don't mess with it haha)
  15. Beginners guide to bee keeping. We got some bees a couple years ago and still trying to get them all figured out.
  16. I have a some binders that I put all the stuff I get off the internet. Things that I don't have in any of my books that I think will be helpful.
  17. A whole set of books on Home repairs and building. This will help in doing our own home repairs. Andy knows most of what to do but this will be handy if there it something that he doesn't know or if some one else needs to know.
  18. I am taking an herb class on line so I have all the information from that in addition to several herbal remedy books. I think herbs are going to be very important if there is no other help around.
  19. A whole set of encyclopedia's , The girls and Andy all thought I had lost my mind when I came home with them (where on earth do you plan to put all of them). But like I told them you may not always have access to the internet.  
  20. Farm Journal's Country Cookbook 1959 This is my go to cook book it is old and has a lot of old recipes. How to render lard make butter, cottage cheese, sour dough starter, It even has a recipe for Raccoon,rabbit and squirrel  ( please don't let me be so hungry I want to eat squirrel or raccoon, I know some people like them I just don't really want to do that haha). It has so many old, from scratch recipes.
 Now for some of the books I need to get.
  1. I used to have a real good book on plants and seeds it had everything from seeds to garden, berry bushes, and trees. I think I accidently donated it to the library so I need to replace it.
  2. I would like to have a book on spinning and weaving. I got a drop spindle with a free lesson for Christmas (have wanted to learn how to spin forever now) and I have a small Navajo rug loom that my Dad made for me many years ago (It is in storage and I need to get it out and learn how to weave on it) push come to shove we could make a larger one to use. 
  3. I would like to get some school books for the different ages. If I have to help homeschool my grandkids or any other kids I would like to have something to use.
I am sure I am forgetting something to add to this list.

I really think books of all kinds are important even pleasure reading. When I go to second hand store or garage sales I am always looking for books for all age groups. I have several boxes of books stored away. If we don't have internet or television books are a great thing to have around. I even buy books that I am not that interested in just because I don't care for it don't mean some one else won't. 

So what books do think are important to have a round and what books would you like to get.





Monday, January 25, 2016

300 a Month Challenge, Menu, Goals


We had people over Saturday to play music again. A better turn out this time as the weather was a lot better. I made a big pot of Chili for the music, which was kind of nice for the cold weather.The storm didn't come in until Sunday morning, when it did though we got about 3 more inches on top of the over two feet we already have. ( I am so over the snow). 
Sunday afternoon 3 of my brothers and their family's, my Mom, Dad, and some friends all come over to go sledding in our back pasture. My brother pulls a old car hood that he rigged up behind his jeep. Well the snow was to deep and since it had snowed that morning it was super soft on top so the jeep wasn't able to get through it. So hopefully another day soon. 
After that I ran Katie into town  to turn in her paperwork for work since the roads were so bad. Then came home and feel asleep on the couch while Andy watched the football game. I figured since I had Chili left from the night before, I might as well make some fry bread for Navajo Tacos which made the whole family happy haha.
The only thing I bought this week was milk so all I spent was 20 dollars.
 20 dollars this week added to the 95.55 total for the month is 115.55 for the month. that leaves me 184.45 for the month, and 3300.00 left for the year.
Menu for the week
Cream of Wheat
French Toast
Cheese omelets
To these I will add toast or fruit.
Chicken Noodle's
Grilled Cheese
Tuna Sandwich
Beef Noodle's
H.M. Hot Pockets
To these I will add  fruit, crackers, or something as a side dish.
Green Chili Enchilada's
Baked Raviolis
Potato Soup
Salisbury Steak
Rotel H.B. helper
To these I will add a vegetable or appropriate side 
Animal Crackers
Granola Bars
Cheese crackers
Andy's Snacks
Cheese cake
Apple crisp
Goals for the week.
I am not sure where the time goes but it seems I can't get anything done. I worked a little on tax stuff, Didn't even get the sewing machine out, oranges done or potatoes.
So I guess this week I will try to get all of last weeks goals done.
This week I want to get the oranges and grapefruit put up. I need to get started on the onions and the potatoes before they start going bad. I am going to have to wait a little longer on the chicken coop, my wheel barrel is buried under the snow, its not to bad so it won't hurt it to wait a little longer.
I really need to get my sewing machine out and get started on a bunch of stuff, Katie's robe, pants mended, a couple quilts I need to finish, some storage bags, a baby blanket, just to name a few of the things I need to get done.
I got a serger for Christmas I have started the video on it, need to finish watching it so I know what I am doing.
Yes I just copied last weeks list. I have so much I need to get done and I'm not sure where all the time goes. Although with Joleen gone a whole lot for school and training I don't have the help that I had and it sure makes a difference. I do want to start planning the garden tis week, I am going to do a few things different so I do need to get started on that.
How are you doing on your spending and goals this week, I would love to hear from you.
Have a great week.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Why be prepared? Snowmaggedon 2016

 Pictures off of twitter from some of the stores in the D.C. area.
Go here to see more pictures Infowars has several.

Ok just a quick post. Have company coming tonight and trying to get everything ready and cooked.
I have been reading about the snow back east it looks horrible ( If you live there please be safe. And prayers to all affected). A lot of what I have been reading is talking about all the bare shelves and how everyone has been stocking up for the storm the last couple days.

 Pictures off of twitter from some of the stores in the D.C. area.

When people ask me why food storage? Why have provisions on hand? Why be prepared for power outages? (I still get asked that.)This is why, just think about all the people the few people who are prepared, they don't have to risk going out, risk not finding enough to keep their family's feed for the few days they may be snowbound.
I can't imagine any worse feeling then knowing a big storm was coming, and I have nothing at home, I got to the store to late and , and everything in the store was already gone.  
If you are prepared you don't  have to worry about  the power going off, how to keep their family warm, feed,and entertained you have it all handled. You can set back and enjoy the storm with peace of mind knowing you are safe and so is your family. 
 Pictures off of twitter from some of the stores in the D.C. area.
The thing I don't understand though, didn't these people learn any thing from Hurricane Sandy? 
If you are in the affected areas of the storm please be safe.

Week 4 Food Storage Challenge

20 Cans of Vegetables / 20 Cans of Fruit
20 Cans of vegetables, Canned vegetables at Wal-Mart are 68 cents a can. If you watch for sales at other stores you can usually pick them up for 50 cents. Get what your family will eat. If possible can your own
20 Cans of Fruit  Canned fruit at Wal-Mart is 98 cents up to 1.98 depending on what you get.  Once again watch for sales, and if possible can your own.
Are you still working on getting in to shape?
Keep putting back that water.
Add a little more to your money stash.
If you know of where to get any of these items for cheaper please feel free to share.
Have a great week.