Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Very Busy Month.

Can not believe it is time for school to start already not to sure, where all the time has gone. I has been so busy around here the past few months.

We got most of the bathroom remodeled still some trim work and a few small things but it is looking real good. So glad it is now doable sharing a bathroom with two teenage girls isn’t that much fun lol.

I got a case of cherries put up into pie filling, 3 cases of peaches canned, 3 cases of corn canned, case of mangos dried, several gallons of milk canned, 10 quarts of sour kraut, 21 quarts16 ½ pints of raspberry chipotle, of beans, lots of bananas canned and in the freezer and all the fruit and vegetables I get in my bountiful baskets ( I get 3 baskets ) put up. I ordered 4 cases of Green chili which I should be getting soon.

Been mending several of Andy’s pants and shirts still some to go.

Working in the gardens they are both doing very well will have tomatoes soon and some of the peppers are ready to pick.

Seems we have had to move cows almost every week. Been trying to get a little yard work done but don’t seem to be able to get much done.

 Got some plantain and yarrow picked made tinctures, oils, and dried some of them. I also got some garlic oil and tinctures made. I made a salve for Andy’s eczema which seems to be working pretty good, I will post the recipe soon.

Even found time to go to a couple concerts Asleep at the Wheel and Clay Walker . We were going to go to the Bar D and stay the night in Durango but we had to haul two loads of cows, and take a load of horse’s to Travis. By the time we got all that done and headed to Durango it was to late to get to the hotel shower and get ready to go so I called and canceled our reservations at the Bar D, we did stay the night in Durango just went to Applebee’s to eat and went back to the room and watched a movie ( we don’t have cable so I like to see what is on it when I can). The next day we were going to go by a new lake and then go for a drive in the mountains, but not to long after we left Durango we get a call saying we had cows out so instead, we ran by Travis’s picked up the trailer and hurried home to deal with cows.

I have several post I am working on hoping to get them out soon.