Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How I treated my flu/strep

We have had the flu and strep going around here. We do not do the flu shots this post by Daisy at theorganicprepper.ca  explains why they are so bad for you. I think prevention is the best thing but sometimes no matter what you do you are going to get sick. About a week before we went to Denver I felt like I was trying to get sick. So I started on my cold / flu pills and extra D3, C, and Zinc . By the time we left for Denver I felt much better/ But being a ding dong I didn’t take any of that stuff with me. I did pretty good Thursday thru Saturday but by Saturday evening I could tell I was trying to get sick again. Well luckily Andy had brought some C and we stopped at a store and got some D3 and I started on that. By Sunday I was feeling pretty ugly my throat hurt I was achey allover  and had a headache. The trip home wasn’t much fun. Not sure if it was flu or strep or a little of both.

We got home I started on all my vitamins and cold pills again. Then I started gargling, alternating with peroxide and Cayenne pepper ( a ¼ tsp in a small glass of warm water or OJ)3 or 4 times a day. I drank Mullein tea with honey , lemon and a little cayenne pepper in it. When my ears started hurting I flushed them out with warm peroxide a few times a day. By Tuesday evening I was feeling a lot better so on Wednesday I went into town with Andy (instead of staying home and resting like a normal person would have done). Well by Wednesday night I felt awful again so Thursday I rested and did all these things and by Friday I felt better. I did take it easy Friday so by Saturday I was much better. This is the first time in over 10 years that I have been this sick ( even longer for Andy the last time he was sick was about 12 years ago and he had just gotten the flu shot) I think if I had stayed on top of things a little better I would not of gotten this sick .

If I had taken my stuff to Denver with me I don’t think I would have gotten so sick. Andy and Katie have been trying to catch this stuff but I have keep them on the herbs and vitamins and they are over it. Joleen though did the same thing I did was trying to come down with it then left for Denver with the FFA class to the stock show. She came home not feeling to good but we are trying to get rid of it before it gets bad but she will not take time to rest trying to catch up in school for all the time she missed. Hopefully I can keep her doctored up and she will not get it to bad.


  1. How do you do the ear flush with peroxide. The first indication of sickness for me is usually aching ears. I enjoyed this post!

    1. Thanks for stopping by,
      I put the peroxide in a small squeeze bottle then warm it up ( make sure it is not to hot os to cold)then lay on your side and hve some one puor it in your year very slowly you will bw able to tell when there is enought in it. Let it sit a few minutes you will feel and here it bubbling then turn and do teh other side make sure you are laying on a towel it will drain out when you turn over. I do each ear a couple times two or three times during the day dependeing on how bad they are. hope this helps.

  2. I just happened to stumble by here and wanted to say that if it's actually a strep bacterial infection antibiotics are absolutely needed. My grandfather has permanent heart damage from rheumatic fever, which is caused by untreated strep. It damages the heart, joints, and brain. Scary stuff!


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