Thursday, September 20, 2012

Making sausage

Finally I am getting this posted have been trying since Tuesday but my computer is being extra stupid.

We made 60 pounds of sausage this past weekend here is how we made it We had a couple recipes and just took a little from each one and made or own.
We had the pig butchered normally we do it our selves but just have not had the time this year.
We started with 60 pounds of meat
We started with 60 pounds of meat and divided it into two bowls 30 pounds each

In a separate bowl for each 30 pounds we mixed
5/8 cup salt
2 ½ Tbls dry mustard
5 Tbl. Black pepper
2 ½ Tbls ground cloves
5/8 cup Red pepper
2 ½ Tbls cayenne pepper
1 ¼ cup sage

Then added it to the bowl of meat.

Then mixed it by hand real well and well coated

The meat didn’t have much fat in it and we like a little fat in ours so we added some fat ( I save the fat to render into lard)

Then ground it up adding the fat as we ground.

Then we did the second bowl the same way.
60 pounds of sausage

Then we did the second bowl the same way.
I will freeze some in patties, some in half pound packages and can some. Hopefully it will last a little while.

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  1. HI! DO you have a good recipre for Elk sausage, and also in the recipe above you have 1 1/4 sage, 1 /1/4 what? I am new to making sausage, so that might be a no brainer to a sesoned vetran! thanks!

    1. livewithinurharvest
      Hi! thanks for stopping by, it is 11/4 cups sage. Had not realized I forgot the cup. Did you want to make summer sausage or a breakfast sausage with your elk? We only make steaks and Hamburger with our elk but a friend of ours has a real good recipe for summer sausage. So if that is what you are wanting I will get it for you.

    2. Well, I was wondering about a sausage like then one we make that is venison/beef/pork, however, they came back from elk camp without an elk, so now I hope he at least gets a deer!!! Thanks though! Just love your blog! Jill

    3. livewithinurharvest
      So sorry you didn’t get your elk this year. I know we sure miss our elk meat when we don’t get one. Good luck on the deer.


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