Saturday, February 20, 2016

Week 8 Food Storage Challenge

5 LBS Baking soda / 1st Aid items
Baking soda, Wal-Mart has 64 oz. baking soda for 1.98. I get my baking soda at IFA our local feed store for 12.99 for 50 LBS, It is just called sodium bicarbonate I use it for every thing from cooking to cleaning and making my washing soda with it.
1st aid items start with the basics Here is a list of things to start with,  and here is a list of natural things you can store and use in place of store bought. I have store bought put back but try to use natural when ever I can.
As you plan your garden set apart a space for a herb garden to use for medicines and to cook with. Also look around where you live and find what grows naturally in your area.
As you are getting you seeds and plants try to find heirloom, this way you can save seeds for next year and will always have a supply of seeds. 
Add some more water.
Put a little more into your money stash.
Have a great week.

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