Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Canning Frozen Orange Juice

I have been reading a lot about food going up with all the droughts ,viruses and all the things that are going on. One thing that is also going to go up is oranges. And I really like my orange juice. When I canned oranges last fall I didn’t do much juice, so I have been buying the frozen and canning it. My freezer space is pretty limited so I just can it. Very easy to do.

First get you OJ then let it thaw. I just use the cheap store brand.
Pour in to a large pan. Do not add any extra water, warm up and simmer for a couple minutes.
Pour into sterilized pint jars. And Water bath for 5 minutes ( Be sure to adjust for Altitude I have to do mine for 20 minutes).


It will darken a little with age but still taste good. I opened one the other day from 2 years ago and was great.

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