Thursday, May 1, 2014

Week 17 Food Storage Challenge

50 pounds wheat/ 25 pounds Rice

50 pounds wheat or flour

25 pounds Rice

This month try together extra sewing stuff like needles, thread, patches, buttons, pins and scissors.

If you don’t already have your 72 hour kits try to get them put together.

The skill for this month is gardening if you haven’t had a garden now is the time to get that going and if you have a garden you may want to enlarge it this year. The way things look produce may be hard to come by this fall because of the droughts and all the viruses that a lot of plants are getting.

Put some more into you money stash.

Add some more water to you water supply.


  1. With food prices are going up, we are expanding the garden.

  2. We have doubled the size of our garden, Thanks for the info on canning orange juice. I will can some next week. I am still stocking the pantry.


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