Wednesday, September 3, 2014

23rd Annual Bean Pickers Blue Grass Music Festival

Every Labor day weekend we put on a bluegrass music festival at the point. People come from all over to camp and play music. We cook breakfast every morning  for everyone on a large grill that is set up outside to cook pancakes, omelets, and bacon for everyone. I make the pancake mix from scratch and the bacon we use the large packages of bacon ends and pieces so it isn't as expensive as using regular packs of bacon. Then for dinner it's a pot luck we  deep fry a turkey  [ we buy these in November when on sale and keep in the freezer ] make potato wedges and cook up a big mess of squash so with all the other food it's pretty good. 
I had to come home everyday this weekend though so it made for a very long weekend. I had to pick up my bountiful baskets Saturday so as soon as breakfast was done and  cleaned up I came home, then went to town I had a friend pick it up but I had to go to her house to get my stuff. Then I had to do some errands and go to Wal-Mart by the time I got back home I just had a few minutes to put a few things up and get back out to the point to start dinner. 
Since I didn't have time to put things up I had to come back home Sunday to put stuff up.

I didn't get as many pictures as I had wanted to,was just so busy I only got a couple of some of the players and these were taken kind of late after most of the people had left or gone to bed for the night.


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