Saturday, March 5, 2016

Week 10 Food Storage Challenge

50 pounds flour or wheat / 25 pounds oats
Flour or wheat, If you don't have a grinder there is no point in getting wheat so get flour. Flour at Wal-Mart is 8.44 for 25 pounds. Which ever you get, flour or wheat, if any way possible freeze it for at least 48 hours this will kill all the little pest in the flour.  I store mine outside in a shed and it stays froze all winter, I have some from 08 that is still good. If you live in  a warmer climate you will need to use oxygen absorbers, and will need to it put in Mylar bags.( Unless you get flour or wheat that is already in long term storage containers).
Oats, Wal-Mart has oats for 13.58 for 10 pounds or 1.68 for the 2 pounds 10 oz. containers, I get mine at IFA ( our local feed store) they have them for 30.00 for 50 pounds. When storing oats use the same methods as you would for flour or wheat.
The action item for this month is to learn C.P.R. and some 1st aid. A lot of fire departments and red cross centers will offer CPR and basic 1st aid classes for a small fee and sometimes for free.
The extra item this month is packs, we use our hunting packs for this and we take them where ever we go. Each one of use has our own. These would be the same thing as bug out bags. I hope to get a post up in the next couple weeks about these.
Add some more money to your money stash, even if it is a very small amount it all adds up in the end.
Put back some more water.

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