Saturday, March 12, 2016

Week 11 Food Storage Challenge

10 pounds Powder Milk / Spices and Herbs

10 pounds of powder milk Wal-Mart has powdered milk for 15.98 for 64 ounces or 7.98 for 25.60 ounces. To extend the shelf life to up to 20 years you will need to repackage the milk into airtight containers and keep stored in a dry cool place. I have read that if you add a little vanilla and a little sugar it makes it taste a little better if trying to drink it ( I don't drink milk, so not sure if this really works).

Spices and Herbs / When planning your garden try to grow some of your own. If you buy in bulk you will want to repackage into airtight containers and store in a cool dry place.

Are you learning any 1st aid and CPR yet?

How are your packs coming along?

Keep adding to your money stash and put some water back.

Have a great week.

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