Saturday, May 21, 2016

Week 20 Food Storage Challenge

20 Cans of Soup / 20 Pounds Rice

20 cans of soup, get what your family will eat.  Wal-Mart has soup for 1.00 to 1.68 a can depending on what you get. You can also can your own.

20 Pounds of Rice. Wal-Mart has 20 pounds of rice for 8.92. You can store in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers or in buckets I put a couple bay leaves in my buckets of rice to help keep out unwanted critters.

How is the cooking from scratch going?

Have you been able to work on the alterative lighting sources ?

Put back some more water and add a little more to your money stash.

Hope you have a great week. 


  1. Could you please explain a bit more about the money stash. Food storage challenge is a brilliant help to me and have just been through them all again to see what else I may have missed. Cannot find original post about money stash though. I take it this is different to an emergency fund and rather if banks were not open or chaos prevails. Thankyou for all your ideas and help you provide here. Ruth Australia.

  2. Do you realize the cheap rice and food stuffs at Walmart are the lowest quality and do not last like better grades of food. What are you doing to replace these stores when they run out? Is the soup from walmart canned in 'cans' or in boxes, the boxes do not store and the newer cans are often lined with a plastic than can leach toxins over time. Just a few notes to watch for.

    Good Work!


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