Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Why Wal-Mart

On one of my food storage challenge post I received this following  comment / question.

Do you realize the cheap rice and food stuffs at Walmart are the lowest quality and do not last like better grades of food. What are you doing to replace these stores when they run out? Is the soup from walmart canned in 'cans' or in boxes, the boxes do not store and the newer cans are often lined with a plastic than can leach toxins over time. Just a few notes to watch for.

Thought I would do a post on this to explain.

The reason I use Wal-Mart's prices
I always advocate for making, growing and canning your own. But I realize that not everybody has the time or are able to do that. I also realize  that money is very tight for most people. So some food storage even if from Wal-Mart is better then none.

Most everybody has a Wal-Mart near by.

These prices give you something to compare to especially if you find a sale price some where else. And this is a starting point, you obviously don't have to get your stuff from Wal-Mart.

As far as storing, I have rice from Wal-Mart that has been stored for close to ten years and it is still good. A lot of it depends on how you are storing it, if things are stored correctly they will last a very long time no matter where they are from. And if you rotate  there shouldn't be a problem.

As far as being able to  replace items, two thoughts here.

Food storage can be helpful in a short term crisis like a job loss, illness, unexpected bills ect.

In a long term crisis you will need to be able to live like our forefathers, grow and produce your own food ,be able to preserve it, eat in season , barter and be as self sufficant as possible. Most of which I talk about in this blog. Food storage can hold you over till you can get to point of producing your own food.

I hope this has answered the questions.

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  1. Agreed, Walmarts are usually accessible to even rural folk. As for low quality, I buy the same brands of rice, flour, other dry goods at Walmart, Target and at Safeway. The difference is primarily price. Walmart and Target have similar prices for same size and brand. Safeway is from ten to fifty percent more, depending on the product and specials. I've seen products like crystal lite sell for almost twice as much at Safeway versus Target. (3.49 versus 1.79). Food storage from Walmart does not mean any sacrifice in quality if you buy quality initially.


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