Saturday, August 6, 2016

Week 31 Food Storage Challenge

50 LBS Beans / Cornmeal
50 Pounds of beans,  Walmart has Pintos for 13.42 for 20 pounds. Get the beans that your family likes to eat. You can get a variety pintos, kidney, black, butter beans or whatever you like and have easy access to.  
Cornmeal I don’t have a price on this. One way to store cornmeal, if you have a corn grinder you can get feed corn or cracked corn just make sure it is straight untreated corn. I have several bags of whole corn and lime so I can make masa for tortillas and I can grind it for corn meal. If you store corn meal do it like you do the flour freeze and for at least 72 hours. Nothing better than beans and cornbread HaHa.
The Action item for this month is to learn to make soap, if you can make soap then you can use it to make laundry, and dish soap. And it is so nice to know you have soap that you know what is in it and you can custom make it if you like lavender you can make lavender or whatever your favorite is.
The Extra item this month is Alterative clothes washing. A couple things here, you can get a toilet plunger (new would be best J ) and a 5 gallon bucket. You can also invest in a mop bucket that has the wringer for the mop that you can use to wring out your clothes, wringing by hand is not a whole lot of fun. I have seen on the internet little foot powered washing machines they are a little pricey but they wash rinse and spin.
Put back more in your water storage.
Add some more to our money stash.
Have a great week.

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