Monday, August 13, 2012

Fire Dept. Tri State

Weekend before last was the Volunteer Fireman’s Tri-State (Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona) convention, Dolores hosted this year, which is 10 miles from us. Had lots of fun all, the departments have teams and they have contest in the afternoons . Dolores did a great job especially since they were on a fire all night the night before. The local bar burned down. They got done with the fire just in time for the convention. Several area departments helped with the fire ours included.

This is one of our guys getting ready for the one man

He is running it

Andy and a couple others getting the Y put together in the 6 man

The two losing teams have a water fight at the end.

Every department has there own T-Shirts I really liked these three.

It was a great week-end our dept didn't place but oh well always next year.

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