Thursday, August 23, 2012

Roasting Green Chili

Well I got some of my Green Chili, I do have more coming ( we eat a lot of green chili). A friend of mine has an uncle that grows green chili down in MC Elmo canyon. Usually I buy at wally world haven’t been very happy with them for a few years. As you can see these chilies a great they are big and meaty, now we just need to get them roasted after which I plan to dehydrate and can them.

Andy made this roaster so it makes the job so much easier. If you don’t have a roaster sometimes the store will roast them for you, or you can roast them in your oven, or on a grill both of which I have had to do before.

I like doing my own because I like to get them a little done then the store does, makes them easier to peel. As you can see in the picture, they are pretty black.

When they are done I put them in a bag and close it up so they can steam. I let them sit over night then by morning they are cooled off and steamed so the skins just fall off.

They smell so good !!!

When you peel them you may want to wear plastic gloves because your hand will burn for a while after.
When I peel mine I put them in a large pan of water then take them out the peels should just slide off. If they are hot chilies you may want to take the seeds out also. After I ake the skin off and the seed out I rinse them in the pan of water they were sitting in, then put them into a pan of clean water, After I have them all done I drain the water then can, dry or freeze them.   

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