Thursday, March 14, 2013

Week 10 food Storage Challenge

50 pounds wheat or flour/ Condiments eg. Mustard, mayo ketchup, hot sauce, salad dressing, ect.

Are you using your flour and wheat? Buy extra and start using it now make your bread and pasta . If you are buying wheat, grind it and use it. This way you know how to do these things so if you have problems you have time to work them out before you are dependant on these items. Plus your family gets use to eating this way and it will not be such a great shock to them if you have to start using your food storage not to mention so much better for them.

If money and /or space are an issue you can make most of your own condiments from stuff you probably already have, you can go Here to see how to make your own mustard . I will soon do a post on some of the others ( as soon as my kitchen gets put back together, we are about half way done.) The more we can make from scratch the less money we have to spend.

Keep putting back water

Don’t forget to add to the stash of money.

Time to start working on those gardens. Plant as much as you can it will come in handy and it will help lower your grocery bill.
How are the car kits coming along?

Any time you have a chance to pick up something extra do so. I think we are running out of time to have things put together, the stock market is at all time highs, every time in history that it has done that it eventually falls way back down. From what I can see we are following the same path as they did right before the great depression. So the more prepared you are the better you will be able to deal with things.


  1. Love it! I'm so happy to see others preparing for hard times too! Great inspiration you are! I try to have a dollar amount each pay day to go and put a few things back, to put in the pantry. We are getting things ready to start our green house and trying to get a big garden ready too. The ground out here isn't really for planting anything, but we are trying to bring manure and such in to build up the soil. I have a feeling it's gonna be real dry this summer, so we are trying to come up with ways to plant drought resistant plants and drip systems and such. My hubby found a neat idea with planting herbs and strawberries in old gutters. We are gonna try these this year and see if we have any better luck. The rattle snakes have been bad out here the last few years, so I'm thinking plant high. That's the only down fall for living out on the prairie! Thanks for sharing, every little bit helps!

    1. Amy,
      I would love to have a green house we have talked about getting one but it always seems to get put aside for somthing else. Our ground is the same way we have to add so much to it and then we have noxious weeds so bad which doesn’t help things. I am putting a bunch of stuff in tires this year and putting on a drip here at teh house. We do not have irrigation water at the house but we do at the hay barn so we try to plant over there but it seems to be so hard to take care of it. We were going to put all of it at the house this year but I to am concerned about the drought it is not looking all that good so far.I am glad we don't have trouble with rattle snakes. Good luck with your garden.

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