Thursday, March 7, 2013

Week 9 Food Storage Challenge

8 Cans Tuna/ Dry soups and Crackers

8 Cans of Tuna, If your family doesn’t care for tuna then get another type of canned meat.

Dry soups and crackers, I have a lot of Ramen noodles they are cheap and most people like them (except my Husband lol ). Or you could get something like the Lipton noodles or cup a soups.

Crackers you can make your own.Go here to see how. But if you do store crackers make sure they do not get to warm I had some in the outside shed in the summer and when we went to eat them they tasted like plastic from the wrapping on them. You can make your own with things you already have I will try to get that posted here in the near future.

Don’t forget to keep putting back water and money

This months item challenge is to get an alterative cooking source. There are a lot of instructions on the web for making your own solar oven one even uses a car window shade. If you have a solar cooker you are not dependant on fuels as you would be with a BBQ grill or some other cooker.

This months action challenge is Car kits. If you are stranded in your vehicle for any length of time you will be so glad you have this.

A few years ago we went to get our Christmas tree up in the mountains there was a lot of snow (which never deters my Husband) we got up high found a great tree and started back well we got stuck. We were in my pickup which didn’t have much of anything in it not even a shovel (we are usually in Andy’s truck when we do this stuff and his has everything). About 45 minutes of trying to get out someone came by and helped get us out . They were the only other people we saw up there. I keep thinking what if they had not come by. Andy had his hunting pack with him (he never leaves without it) but the girls and I didn’t have ours with us. I got to thinking what if those people had not come by I had no extra food Andy had trail mix but it has peanuts and I am very allergic to peanuts. And to make it even better nobody knew where we were we had not told anybody. So I learned two important lessons always tell someone where you are going and have a car kit in your vehicle with some necessary items and food. Oh and to always bring our packs with us Andy wasn’t to happy when we told him we didn’t have them with us.


  1. I've actually worked on my car kit and although I need to add more I've at least got it started! Love reading your prep ideas!

  2. I'm good on the foil pack tuna and soup in a can. Need to do the dry soup, crackers, and probably get some canned tuna too.

    And YAY, I have a 10-day car survival kit that I did in the winter. Hope it holds up OK in the heat. As it gets warmer, I'll try to cycle through some of the foods more often. One of the cool things about it - a couple of times I've been out longer than intended and was able to raid it for a snack or some water.
    brenda from ar

  3. Kelsey,
    Thanks, Ya just when I think I have mine all together seems like I think of something else that needs to go in it.Hopefully I will have it all together one of these days lol.

    It is so nice to be able to grab somthing out of it when out and about. I have to change out a few things as the seasons change. I know I always worry about the food so I do try to rotate some of it.


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