Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Homesteading Goals

I can not believe another year has come and gone where does the time go.

I was looking over last Last years Goals to see how much we actually got done. Not near as much as I would have liked but did accomplish some. 

Things we did get done.
Got the garden moved to the house we did  keep the garden at the hay barn so glad we did the garden at the house got hailed on and ruined a lot of it. So I like the idea of having to different gardens just in case something happens to one of them.
Got the compost put together.
Only got about half of the milk shed  done we ended up having 3 calves on the milk cow so we were not able to milk hopefully this year.
We did get the bees we have two hives and so far so good just hope they winter over.
Did get the bottom part of the yard and the drive way done.
I did more added to the herb garden.
We put a new outside door on the mud room which has helped a lot in keeping out the wind and cold.
The kitchen is all most finished seems it is always the last thing to get worked on always something a little more important to get done hopefully we can finish it this winter.
We didn't get the windmill put together but we did find two more just like the one we have to use for parts that has been part of the problem not being able to find parts.
Wasn't able to get the work done on the chicken coop that I had wanted to do maybe this year.
The bathroom we didn't get done but we did trade a beef to my brother to completely redo the bath room, new tub and all can't wait for that to happen.

Got most of the personal goals done except for the getting in shape I have such a hard time tyring to fit in exercising although I don't make it a priority like I should.
As far as the proverbs 21 women that is always a work in progress.

So some of the goals for this year are.
Once again the milk shed will be on here as well as the wood shed and  corrals.

I would like to build up my daycare.I would like a few more kids and I want to be more of a preschool
Need to do some work on the play area in the back yard.The play area needs some work I would like to be able to put down a ground cover to help control the weeds.
Get a green house, and get it set up.It would be so nice to be able to start all our plants.
Start selling homemade soap.I already have a couple customers lined up.
Would really like to get an outdoor canning kitchen put together.I would love to have an area outside to cook in when it is so hot in the middle of summer.
Bottom of front yard planted.I want to plant some berries and a few other things in this area.
House windows replaced.These windows are so old and when the wind blows you can feel it blowing through the house.
Wonder oven and a solar oven made.Would be nice to be able to use these in the summer to keep the house from getting so hot.
 I want to try and practice being more self sufficient.The only things I want to go to the store for are dairy products I would like make everything else from what we have.There have been a few things I have been buying that I should be making.
I am thinking of getting a milk goat.Since it seems we always have calves on my milk cow I will get a milk goat besides it might be a little more doable since it is so much smaller.
There are two areas in the yard that I would like to get cleaned up and planted.There is a small area south of the house that needs to be cleaned up and planted I am not sure what I want to put on there yet. There is also an area in on the side of the storage shed that need to also be cleaned and planted I do think there I want to plant some more mint in tires.
We also want to try and build a shop.Andy has nowhere to work on things when the weather is bad, we have been wanting to build a shop for a while so hoping we can at least get stated on it.

Personal goals
I need to keep up on my bookwork a little better then I do.
Use my household notebook more.I have been using it a lot but there are a few areas that need to be improved on.
Post more on my blog I seem to be able to do pretty good in the winter but in the summer when things get so busy I tend to slack off so I want to be a little better about that.
Learn to play the Mandolin Andy plays the guitar,fiddle and mandolin It would be nice if I could play along sometimes.
Do a little more scrap booking.I have tons of picture just sitting in boxes I need to get them into albums so people can see them and know who and what they are.
I want to try and do some family history on Andy's Moms side.I don't think any one has done any his dads side is done and all my family is done so I would like to do a little of it.
Debt free in two years.I think we could do it it will take a lot of work but it would be so nice.
And the old standered to exercise more.I need to make it more of a priority I am not getting any younger and need to start taking a little better care of myself.

Well here are some of my goals for the year I am sure I will add more as time goes by.
What are some of your goals for the year?


  1. WOW. Those are a lot of "TO DO" things. I'm sure that you will get a lot of them accomplished. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Joani,
      I know lets see if we can get them all hope so.

  2. Good goals. I can say from experience having a goal to work towards is helpful on the fitness end. I chose to run a half marathon, but you could walk one, or even a 5 k. It made me more determined. Good luck with your goals. I have the same philosophy.

    1. Bonnie,
      Thanks, I am hoping to start slow and work up I would like to beable to run a race with my sister in law.

  3. I never thought to put down goal and then review them. I just have the list in my head of the things that need to happen and if they do great and if they don't oh well.. we will get to it.

    However my question is about your goal "being more self-sufficient." You said that there is stuff that you are buying and you could/should be making at home. If you don't mind me asking, I am curious about that you are buying that you could/should be making ?


    1. It really seems to help to put down my goals Seems I can stay more focused on them plus I love being able to mark it off my list lol.

      Some of the things that I should be making instead of buying are bread, crackers, flour tortillas, noodles tortilla chips, soap. Cleaning supplies, some of my makeup , cards, and my vinegar are just a few of the things. I can’t believe how I have slipped back into the buying habit.

  4. Finally bought a retirement home on 10 acres w/small home and barn-all fenced. Moving there in few months and, because of your list, made my own to-do list. Looks much more challenging than having things float around in my mind. Whew! Am I gonna be busy rest of the year.

    1. Congratulations on your new place. I use to have my to do list in my head but when I started writing it down and setting goals seems like I get more done. Plus it feels so good when you can mark it off the list when done lol.


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