Thursday, January 30, 2014

Week 4 Food Storage Challenge

6 pounds of Shortening or oil / 10 pounds dry Beans

6 pounds of Shortening, Lard, or oil Shortening has a longer shelf life then oil so you may want to consider shortening over oil you can store oil but be sure to rotate as to not have any go rancid. I store Lard since that is what I cook with I just try to make sure and rotate.

10 pounds of dry beans get what your family will eat no point in storing something that they will not eat. We eat a lot of pinto beans so that is what I try to store the most of.

Keep putting back your water. Just think of the people in VA that had the water contaminated. It would be so much easier to go through something like that if you already have some water on hand. You never know when something could happen to your water supply.

Put a little more money into your money stash. Even if it is only a few dollars as I say every little bit will help.

How are the sewing skills coming along?



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  1. We keep up with our food storage and supplies just like you do. I am in West Virginia and although I was not effected by the chemical leak, I was put back by the people who had no supplies in reserve at all. I like your blog very much and enjoy following you.


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