Friday, February 21, 2014

It’s good to know I am not lazy, but I am tough

I was starting to wonder it just seems to take so long to get things done and so hard to get motivated to do them. As I mentioned before I went to the naturopathic a couple weeks ago, well I finally went and got the blood work done that she ordered. She called me the next day, and told me I had a very low iron count and wanted me to go see a hematologist. The hematologist wanted to see me the next morning she had no opening so she just worked me in. Well come to find out my iron level was 6.5 a normal is 30. That would explain why I am always so tired and have to force myself to get things done. The doctor was surprised that I was getting anything done. They gave me some intervenes iron, and I have to take iron with every meal. So hopefully in a few weeks I will start to feel better. I came home and told Andy, it was so nice to know I wasn’t getting lazy ( this has really been bothering me ) and that my doctor said I was pretty tough lol.

I have always been a little anemic and try to take my iron but for some reason I stopped taking it about a year ago ( I know stupid) bet I don’t stop taking it anymore lol.


  1. Hope you see some energy coming back soon. My hubs is dealing with the same thing right now and he is not very tough!!

  2. Gosh, take care of yourself! Winter is hard enough without being sick.


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