Monday, February 10, 2014

This Weeks Goals and Menu.

It has been a very stressful and busy last couple weeks. First off Andy’s sisters husband had a stroke and was air lifted to Salt Lake. He is going to be ok will have to use a walker to walk with and a little slurred speech. Then a few days latter my Brother was cleaning his truck and had a knife sitting in the seat guess he forgot it was there but slid across the seat and ran the knife into his leg cut one of the main arteries so he was air lifted to Grand Junction they got it fixed and he is ok. Then last week my Uncle went in to the hospital for breathing problems ( he has copd) spent the night then they sent him home he didn’t get any better so he went to Durango hospital he had a breathing mask on and they had given him something to help him sleep, well he throw up in the mask and it got down in his lungs. He is now on life support and in a medically induced coma and not doing very well at all. Then yesterday Joleens boyfriend rolled and totaled his car he is ok though. So I am hoping things will settle down a little.

Sam Green/Cortez Journal Tracy Blagg is a happy winner of the Cowbelles brand quilt when her ticket was drawn from the 4,000 raffle tickets sold.
On the lighter side though, the Cattlemen’s banquet was this week end and that is always a good time. There are always a lot of people and so nice to be able to visit with some that you don’t get to see very often, good food (steak ), and lots of dancing. They raffle off a brand quilt which I would love to win, but I think I am just going to have to make my own if I am ever going to get one.

We have gotten some much needed snow just a couple inches but every little bit helps hoping to get a little more this week. We need it so bad going to be scary next summer if we don’t get some.

I went to see a Naturopath about my weight and my whacked out hormones she put me on the paleo diet ( no wheat or sugar ) and some herbs and vitamins I have already lost 6 pounds . I have been wanting to do the paleo diet for a while just haven’t really applied my self to it but this time I am determined to get this extra weight off and get to feeling better. I found a couple web sites that have different recipes for the paleo diet and they have some great tips.

I got to have lunch with a cousin that I haven’t sen in several years it was so nice to be able to catch up with her.

I dried my orange peels but did something different this time they still had some orange on them so I left ti thinking that would just add more goodness to the dried peels well not so much they all molded so I got no orange peels this year. Well I guess I know for next year so disappointing though.

Andy was able to get the rest of the cows from the point the other day so at least that is done.

This week I want to try and finish up the potatoes and onions ( I am so ready to be done with them). I bought a few pineapples on sale the other day and I am going to dry them, just waiting for them to ripen up a little more. I still have several jars from last year so I don’t need to can any this year.

We just started on taxes so that will be taking a lot of time. I also need to get this months daycare lessons put together and this months sensory box done. I have gotten a little behind on those.

Well here is this weeks menu I don’t have what I will be eating but what everyone else is going to get.

                         Breakfast                          Lunch                               Dinner

Mon                   cereal                            PB&J                          Smothered Burritos

Tue.                  Pancakes                        pizza                                 Pork Chops

Wed.                   Fr. Toast                     Fish Sticks                          Beef Noodles

Thr.                     Oatmeal                      Mac & Cheese                   Mexican Steak

Fri.                    yogurt & fruit              Chicken Noddles               King Ranch

Sat.                                                         Left overs                            Crock pot Chicken
                                                                                                               fried steak

Sun.                                                                              What ever we decide

Sides will be what ever I have on hand.
Andy’s Lunches since he comes home for lunches are leftovers from the night before. And his snacks for work and the girls after school snacks will be Apple cobbler and Brownies.

Hope everyone has a great week.






  1. Hi Connie :)

    I can't remember which blog I found yours from but I recognize that Cowbelle's quilt! I have been hoping to win one since moving to Dolores. Nice to 'meet' someone from the area :) I hope that you can get some good results for your health :)

    Take Care!


    1. I also meant to say how sorry I am to hear about all of your family's health issues. I am praying for everyone!

    2. Sharon,
      Thanks for stopping by,And thanks for the prayers. It's always good to meet someone from the area I have wondered if there were other bloggers in this area.I guess they sell 4000 tickets for the quilt so I am pretty sure that if I want a brand quilt I will have to make my own lol.
      Hope you have a great day
      I am in Lewis and my girls go to school in Dolores


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