Saturday, February 7, 2015

Week 5 Food Storage Challenge


6 Pounds of salt /  Gelatin's and Puddings

6 pounds of salt. If you can find it in bulk it will be cheaper. I get my salt from the feed store. It doesn’t have the Iodine in it so we take extra iodine. It also doesn’t have the added things such as the anti- caking stuff so I can also use it for canning.

Gelatin and puddings, I use the unflavored gelatin then use kool aid or juice to make my own jello, takes up a lot less room and is cheaper to do it this way. You can go Here to see how to make jello with the kool aid.

Pudding. I do store a few instant puddings for when I am in a hurry. It is easy to make your own pudding it does take a little longer since you have to cook it and then let it cool down.

Add to your water either fill your own containers or buy a couple cases or a couple jugs of water. Water is one of the harder things to store try to look for places you can stash a few bottles or cases try under beds or in the corner of a closet. We have some lifts under the bed to raise them up they sure add a lot of extra room under the beds. If you store outside be sure not to fill all the way so you can allow for expansion if they freeze.

Add a few more dollars to your money stash.


This Month’s   Skill to learn is to Cook from Scratch. The more you can make yourself the less you will have to have in food storage and it will save you a ton of money.


The item for this month is kitchen hand tools like a manual can opener, egg beaters, potato masher, Kitchen tools that do not require electricity.

The action item this month is to try and find alternate heating sources.

 All across the country right now heat is a big concern for many There are many places that are with out power right now. How would you heat your house with out power? A wood stove is ideal but some people are unable to have a wood stove so they will have to find alternatives. There are some real good propane heaters out there but you will have to have propane stored also. Be careful about ventilation when considering your heat sources. Endless people have been asphyxiated due to carbon monoxide poisoning because they chose the wrong option to heat their living space. Some buildings have windows which will not open, and this must be considered when thinking through your heat sources.
If you do not install a wood stove (and even if you do), you’d be wise to at least have some extra warm clothing and blankets on hand. Long underwear, thick socks, gloves, hats (something comfortable enough to sleep in), warm outer clothing, and good sleeping bags and/or blankets for every member of the family are a must. I’d consider co-sleeping as a family during the coldest of nights as well. Nothing like body heat to warm you up!


  1. We each got mummy bags for christmas this year. They are good to -30 below.

    1. Kim,
      Mummy bags are great. We got the girls each one this year for Christmas this year. Andy and I already have bags figured we better get the girls one.
      Have a great day,


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