Friday, March 6, 2015

Week 9 Food Storage Challenge

Soap / First aid supplies

Bath and dish soap. If you plan to make your own soap you will need to get lye (make sure it is 100% lye)  some extra lard , shortening, or some kind of fat.

First Aid supplies I have a list here of some of the things you should have in your first aid kits.

Add more to your money stash.

Get more water.

For March you need to try and figure out some alternative ways for cooking. If you have a wood stove you might practice cooking on it. I do this in the winter when we are using our wood stove to heat the house. B B Q, rocket stove, solar oven, or a wonder oven are all other options. You can make your own wonder oven and solar oven, there's   lots of patterns on the internet.
Andy got me a solar oven for Christmas I am hoping as soon as it gets a little nicer outside I can start using it. So hopefully I will have some solar oven recipes to share soon. I am wanting to make a wonder oven to use in place of the crock pot also.

The skill for the month is Herbs, try to learn and collect  information on medicinal herbs. Learn about what grows in your area and what you can grow yourself, so you are not dependent on store bought herbs. I am taking an online herbal class that has a ton of information. I am working on a post about that so should have it up in a couple days.

The item to get  for the month is canning supplies. If you don't have  canner try to get one. If you do have a canner, stock up on jars and lids, you might want to think about tattler reusable lids. I have some tattle reusable lids that I haven't tried yet, as soon as I do I will let you know how they work.


  1. I tried the tattler lids and did not like them. I had two pop off and the jar ruined because I didn't catch it soon enough. I am personally sticking with the old fashion lids.

  2. I have some tattler lids too that I haven't tried. I'll be watching to see what you think.

  3. Trudy, & Patsi,
    I am very curious to see how they work, I have heard that if you heat up the rubber part it helps don't know for sure will have to get them out soon and try them.. I do have a lot of the old fashioned kind put back just in case.
    Have a great day,

  4. Great info! I recently got a butane stove and a thermal cooker. I'm anxious to experiment with it!

    1. BTW, coming over from Homestead Blog Hop!

    2. Mandi,
      Thanks for stopping by. I wasn't sure what a Thermal cooker was so I went and looked it up. I want one now they look really cool. Will have to let me know how it works
      Have a great day


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