Friday, March 6, 2015

What is more important, lot of guns or lots of food?

 I was talking to someone the other day about the economy and where things are headed, they think like I do that we are running out of time (their timeline was even shorter than mine). So I asked, “how prepared are you for what is coming?” thinking they were completely prepared with the 6 core areas of preparedness. They said they have lots of guns and ammo and enough reloading supply’s to last a very long time. That is defiantly a good thing. Having a means of protection is going to be very important for what is coming. Then I asked how much food storage did they have. I was sure they would say at least a years’ worth so imagine my surprise when they said “oh we probably have a months’ worth of food in the house.” “Really” I didn’t even bother to ask about Water, Heat, Lights,  Sanitation or skills.

I think a lot of people get so caught up in just one or two aspects of prepping that they overlook a lot of the other things that also need to be done. What good is 5 years of food if you have no way to protect it? What good is a mountain of guns and ammo if you have no food to keep up your strength? What good is guns and food if you are sitting in the dark and freezing? Chances are when it all hits the fan you will not be able to run to the store and pick up what you need to survive for an extended period of time. And even if you can get to the store what’s to say there will be any thing left.

Prepping requires a broad range of things, some of what you need is food, water, heat,(if you live in a cold climate) sanitation, lights, a way to cook and skills. I am going to highlight some areas we need to be prepared in, and at a later date I will be going into more detail about each item.
Food- this doesn’t have to be expensive freeze  dried stuff. I store what we eat and eat what we store. I don’t want to try and introduce new and different foods in a crises situation. Familiar food will be a comfort when everything is going crazy. If at all possible grow as much of your own food as you can (not only cheaper but much more healthy for you.). Can, freeze, or dehydrate as much of it as you can. Just remember that if you freeze it there is a possibility of the power being down and your freezer not working, so canning and dehydrating are the better options. If money is tight do this in small steps on my Food Storage Challenge  I have it broken down into two categories the first is the most important, it is the very basics the second is important but doable without.

Water- If the grid is down there will be no running water; it takes power to run the water plants. You need at least a gallon of water per person per day. More than likely though, you will need at least 2 to 3 gallons when you factor in cooking, cleaning, flushing toilets. And don’t forget pets. If you have access to ground water (ponds, creeks ditches ect.) be sure to have a way to filter and sterilize the water. And again you don’t have to run out and buy expensive bottled water. You can store water in juice containers, soda bottles, empty canning jars, and even old water bottles. I don’t recommend using milk jugs they are thin and don’t last as long, also if they are not perfectly clean the old milk in the water will ruin it.
Off Grid

        Heat- Living in Colorado that is a big concern for us. How can you heat your house without power?  A wood stove is ideal but some people are unable to have a stove so you will have to find alternatives. Be careful about ventilation when considering your heat sources, some buildings have windows which will not open, and this must be considered when thinking through your heat sources. And remember it is easier to heat just one room as opposed to the whole house.

       Cooking- You will need alternative ways to cook even the propane stoves have to have power to work. You can light the stove top with a match but the oven has electric sensors and will not work without power. Think about solar ovens, wonder ovens, BBQ grills, and rocket stoves.

       Light-Oil lamps are very affordable and you can use Kerosene in them which is less than ten dollars a gallon. You will go through a lot of batteries if all you use  flashlights, so be sure to have lots of candles, oil lamps, solar powered lights and other light sources.

      Sanitation-What happens if you can’t flush your toilets? Here are a few options. An outhouse, self-composting toilet, A five gallon bucket lined with heavy duty trash bags with a toilet seat attached Wood ash, Kitty litter, or sawdust can be sprinkled in the buck to help control odors. Also remember Toilet tissue, feminine hygiene,  diapers if you have babies, Baby wipes are great to have on hand.
Medical-If you can’t get to the doctor or get medical help can you treat yourself? Be sure to have a well-stocked first aid kit and know your basic first aid. Also have some good first aid books on hand, don’t forget prescription Meds these may be harder to get, but talk to your doctor to see if you can get a little extra for your first aid kits. Also look in to herbal remedies that use plants that are native to your area.
Safety-Personally, I believe every family member old enough to handle a firearm should be taught safety factors and target practice. Adult members should also have holsters (either concealed or otherwise) for ease of carry for when things go south. Safety should be more than just firearms. It also includes such things as situational and strategic awareness, home and property security, communications, and property security, communications, and local relations (friends, neighbors, community.)

Learn Forgotten skills- Be able to do things on your own, food preservation (canning, drying and smoking are some) grow a garden, sewing, soap making, hunting; growing and butchering your own meat, things that make you less dependent  on someone else. Don’t forget to stock up on books with information on these things; you may not be able to get on the computer.

You need to be physically fit, when the hard times hit you will have a lot more to do, and will be under a lot of stress, if you are healthy you will be able to deal with things a lot easier.

I know money is tight for every one and it is hard to put back any preps. It does
take dedication and sacrifice,  but I am willing to do without the vacations, eating out and other things I do with out, to make sure that I will be able to take care of my family when it all goes south. Most everyone can save money somewhere so they can get a little more preps. You can go here for110 ways to save money .

 This is just a start for getting prepared, read my Food Storage Challenges I cover all these items. I believe we are running out of time. Now is the time to get prepared, DON’T BE CAUGHT UNPREPARED.


  1. Any ideas on where to keep your money at home. I have a little mostly twenty's, should I get mostly
    ones and fives. I do have about 100 dollars in mixed change. I have about 1 years worth of home canned food and will plant a larger garden this year. I've been your older post for ideas on preparedness, thank you for doing these.


    1. Betty,
      I use to keep ours in the freezer before we got a safe. Just wrap it to look like everything else in the freezer. In the freezer it is also protected from other things such as fire. I would defiantly have some smaller bills to then if there is a problem you will have the smaller bills and not need to worry if the other person has change. Doesn't it feel good knowing you have enough food for a year and a way to plant more. Thank you for visiting my blog I enjoy sharing what little bit I know with others.
      Have a great day.

  2. I love the picture on top. Snow fall is wonderful when I can sit inside with candles and a mug of cocoa. And have the knowledge that there is plenty in the pantry. One necessity in preparation is knowing what is edible that grows wild in your area. (such as sunflower roots) We also need to increase in emotional flexibility and creative problem solving. We can do so much more than we think we can. Kyra

    1. Kyra,
      So agree about needing to know what grows wild in your area and where to find it. You are so right about being able to do more then we think it is just getting your mind where it needs to be.
      Have a great day,


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