Thursday, January 26, 2012


I had looked all over for Mullein last summer but never could find any in our area so I ordered some right and then after I ordered some I found a couple of places where it grows but it was too late to harvest. So next year I know where to find it and plan to pick a good amount.

I started getting sick Monday presser in my head with a sinus headache my lymph glands were swollen. And it was moving down in to my lungs so I got out the mullein and I made some tea.

I took half cup of crushed dried mullein to one quart of water. I also added about ¾ teaspoon of white willow bark for the headache. Heat it to just before it boils. Then take it off the burner and let it steep until cool enough to drink. I added a little steava to help it go down but it really doesn’t taste to bad. . Within 2 cups of this tea, my lymph glands were normal size, no more of that presser in my head just as if I had taken Sudafed. And it didn’t fell as if it was trying to move down in to my lungs I was well on the upside of over it. I had to go to town yesterday and didn‘t take the time to drink any more and I should have, I wasn‘t completely over it and so today I not as good as I could be so back on the tea I go.
Here's the action (what it does) of mullein:

1) Demulcent -- it thins mucous and makes it slippery
2) Diuretic -- gets rid of water (not as big a diuretic as dandelion)
3) Expectorant -- helps your cough (gets things up)
4) Anti-spasmatic -- helps with that harsh dry cough

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