Monday, October 29, 2012

Second Season hunting part 2

Well we went back to camp this last week-end. It was so cold it froze stuff in the cooking tent we have never had that happen before. We saddled up Saturday about mid morning and started out had been riding couple hours when we came up on someone who had got an elk earlier he and managed to get his pickup to it and was cutting it up to try and load so we stopped and helped him get it loaded we saved him a good 4 or 5 hours by helping him so he was gracious enough to give us a hind quarter. After we helped him load it we rode for several more hours never did see anything. Went back to camp needed to get a little more wood in, then we went down to the mans camp to get the quarter we helped him cut up a little more of it. As you can see it was a nice five by five Bull.

The next morning Andy and the girls left before daylight and did a lot of walking, while they were gone I started packing and getting things ready to break down, they came back empty handed but a least we have a quarter.

All loaded up and ready to go. We got part way down and the jeep that Joleen was driving stared messing up so we left it on the side of the road and went home and hurried up to unload the trailers so we could take the flatbed back up to bring back the jeep. We finally got everything home. Now the fun starts I have to unpack everything.

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