Monday, October 1, 2012

Homecoming 2012

Homecoming was this last weekend so last week was a very busy week at our house.

Our football Team did great, we did have a couple players out due to injures.

Our cheerleaders, Joleen didn’t get to cheer she is still out due to a back inure from practice a couple weeks ago and a sprained wrist from loading a horse she was really bummed that she didn’t get to cheer. Katie did cheer though.

The cheerleaders had a pee wee camp for the little kids. So sad It wasn’t that long ago the girls were the little ones now they are teaching it they grow so fast.The little ones did so good and were so cute.

We Won 13 to 12 and  it wasn’t even snowing like last year.

Bringing out part of the royalty (yes we use trucks).

FFA  (Future Farmers of America )Sweethearts.

And the king and Queen


The Dance was the next night.
How much stuff does it take for three girls to get ready for a dance?
And this was onl half of it.

They looked so pretty though.

This is Katie and her date

And Joleen

 So glad that is over for another year.
Did good on the dresses though found Joleen's for 15 dollars and Katie's was a little more it was 29 but she is so hard to buy for she is so tall and skinny, we have a hard time finding things to fit.

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