Monday, October 22, 2012

First Season Elk Hunt

First season  Elk Hunt

We went up to Taylor Mesa to hunt Elk as you can see the first morning it snowed just a little we were hoping for a little more makes hunting a little better.

Guess we will let the horses stay in camp the first morning and we will walk.

Taking a
much needed break

Well nothing the first day. Came back to camp and Andy is cooking
Hamburgers for

It didn’t snow the next night but it sure was cold and frosty the next morning.

Travis got his Bull the second day, he and Andy are getting ready to go get it.

Here they come back with it.

The third and fourth day Andy and I rode all day and when you don’t ride as often as you should it kind of hurts the next day.

There are several of these around where they run cows, they measure how much the grass grows without the cows eating the grass down.

Kind of hard to see in this small pic. but there is a large snow shoe hare in the back.
He stood there for a long time I was able to get my camera out of my saddle bag and take a couple pictures it didn't leave till my horse stated moving around

This must be one of the reasons they call this the Rocky mountains.

Taking a water break.

Well there is a cow and a calf just the wrong
species. This calf is fairly young, we were hoping to run into the guy that runs cows up here to tell him where they were he was riding around the other day looking for stragglers’ plus that calf shouldn’t be that young this late in the season.

Great view of the valley.

We rode for a few more hours before going back camp. Then rode again the next day never did see anything.So we went home empty handed. Joleen and Katie have tags for the 2nd season so hopefully they will have better luck then I did. 

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