Friday, February 8, 2013

Week 8 Self Sustaining Pantry,

Still working on taxes so I am behind again. I am also helping my dad with some of his bookwork for taxes.

This week we got another load of Corn Stalks for the cows we were going to go get another load but the wheel came off the tractor so we were unable to unload the trailor. Had to wait on the part to get in ( was quoted 250 dollars for the part but managed to find one for 100 dollars tractor parts are crazy expensive) before we could put it back on. In fact that is what Andy is trying to do right now the tire weights over 400 pounds so it is no easy task to get back on.

I got the rest of the lemons put up ended up with 8 quarts of whole lemon sweet syrup and 2 half gallons of preserved lemons.

I did get the zipper put in Andys insulated overalls so that will save us having to buy a new pair.

Patches put on Joleens Jean Jacket that she wears everywhere.

We did get the stuff laid out so we can start on the counter tops (whoo hoo have only been waiting three years)

Once again not a very productive week hope to get more done next week.

Joleen wants me to start on her prom dress we have the fabric (camo) and the pattren so want to start on that soon so it is done before farming starts.

Still have onions and potatoes to get done.

Time to start thinking about gardens and what we are going to plant and get plants started.

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