Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 9 Self Sustaining Pantry.

The Cattleman’s was this past week end. The men have meetings during the day then in the evening there is a banquet and dance We had such a good time). During both they give door prizes. Andy won 5 pounds of flour and 3 pounds of wheat cereal ( Cream of Wheat). Joleen won a haircut which was nice she has been wanting to trim her hair, well I guess I should say she wants someone besides me to trim her hair lol.

Wal-Mart had candles marked down to 1 dollar so I got 15 for storage. They also had reams of paper for 1 dollar I got 5 packages.

Got the last of the oranges in the dehydrator got about 3 gallons bags of dried oranges.

Made 2 cups of mustard, that should last for a little while.

Went and got another load of wood. I hope it warms up a little soon starting to get tired of the cold. Although it is suppose to snow again in a couple days.

Had to go to the flour mill to get 50 pounds of bran for the horses, Picked up 50 pounds of flour while I was there.

Got the zipper replaced in Andy’s insulated bibs, So will not have to buy a new pair.

Mended two pair of Joleens pants and her jean jacket.

Took up a pair of Katies pants. I also took up a couple of mine while I was at it.

We are starting on counter tops this week ( finally have been waiting for close to three years for counter tops, so excited) so I don’t know how much other stuff I will be able to get done. Hope to work on onions , get some beans canned and potatoes in the dehydrator.

Still need to start on Joleens dress. Need to get some seeds started, I try to let Andy do that seems when I try to start them they don’t do very good.

What were you able top get done this week?






  1. How do you make your own mustard? Would love the recipe.

  2. Have a crock of Kimchee fermenting. Waiting for the Local feed and seed to get my 1/2 gallon mason jars in so I can get my medicinal herbs put away.I need to dehydrate a big bag of onions, but waiting until it stops sense in trying to get the onions dry as wet as the air is right now! BTW what do you use the dried oranges for? Enjoy your weeK!

    1. @ Elle
      I use the dried oranges to make syrup, in sugar scrub, orange extract , put some in vinegar to make cleaners with, in oil also for cleaners and I will put some in a pan on the stove with a little cinnamon to make the house smell good. I hope to get a post up soon on how to do some of these things.
      Have a great day Connie

  3. I also have a mustard question... My husband goes through tons of Spicy Brown Mustard. I normally buy the Great Value brand from Walmart. I believe it is a 12oz bottle for $0.98 or if the price went up $1.19. When I buy.. I normally buy 5 bottles at a time.

    So my question is how much does it cost you in money and time to do your mustard. I am trying to determine if it would be worth my time and money to make my own spicy brown mustard.. and then convince my husband that homemade is just as good or better ;)

  4. @ Michelle,
    I am going to post the recipe in a couple days.

    I am not sure about the cost break down I bought my mustard powder a couple years ago when things were a lot cheaper. I am going to post two different recipes in a couple days one is pretty basic and doesn’t use a lot of stuff ( it is pretty spicy) then the other has more ingredients but is not as spicy. Then maybe you can tell if it is worth your time I know to buy mustard it is pretty cheap.


  5. Connie, I've got blanched carrot sticks in the dehydrator right now ($2.88 for 5 pounds at Sam's Club). The other thing I'm experimenting on is brown rice. I've cooked it with a bit of salt and some coconut oil, then spread it out on the fruit roll-up sheets in the dehydrater. It's hard as a rock in less than 24 hours. My theory is that if cooking fuel is in short supply, this would cook back up pretty quickly. I let some sit in hot water for a while, but still had to apply heat for a few minutes to get it plumped back up. Taste was great. I'll use it as needed, but save the last cup (dated) to see how it holds up. White rice is generally what's used for the long-term storage, but brown is healthier (though due to oils, won't keep as long). We'll see.
    If you have any experience or thoughts on this idea, please share. Thanks.
    brenda from ar

    1. Brenda,
      I wish we had a sams close by to get some of those good deals.
      I love your idea about the rice Have not tried that. I am going to try that with white rice ( Katie and I are the only ones who love rice I can get the rest to eat it but better stick to white they might balk at brown) Thanks for the idea I will let you know how it works and I will look in my books to see if I can find more info on doing this.


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