Friday, February 1, 2013

Going to get wood

We went and got wood last Wednesday we were starting to get a little low with all this cold cold weather ( below zero a lot of nights) we have used a lot of wood. We don’t get a lot of wood in the fall because we are so busy so we get most of our wood in the winter.
I was headed to the back and the horses met me at the gate. I put the gate down and drove through but before I could get the gate closed they had got out. I called them toby and simera turned around thank goodness I had some bran to give them to bribe them back in.

Got them back in and gave them all a little bran.

Here is one of the piles of wood we are cutting.

Andy working on a log.

A small load but hopefully it will last a little while.

We also loaded some logs that we had pulled out last fall. Got them loaded to take home. We will cut them up later for fire wood.

Not to bad for a mornings work. 

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  1. I enjoyed seeing your horses. That a lot of wood. Should keep you warm for a while. Wish we had snow. I can say that because we very rarely get snow that last more then a day. I may change my tune if we were some place where you got a lot . Then again maybe not.


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