Thursday, February 28, 2013

Week 8 Food Storage Challenge

Week 8 Food Storage Challenge
10 pounds of pasta / Spices and Herbs
10 pounds of pasta, I try to make most of my pasta except for macaroni and I do try your store a lot of that.
Spices and herbs, Store what you use the most, and remember you can grow a lot of your own herbs. You can grow your herbs in your flower beds. I try to make all my landscaping productive I hate to water something that doesn’t produce anything.
If at all possible buy your herbs in bulk they are a lot cheaper that way. With your herbs you can make your own blends eg. Taco seasoning, spaghetti seasoning.
Don’t forget beef and chicken base. With this and your spices there is a lot you can make.


  1. Good on pasta, but some spices are really low. Thanks for making me think of these things. I'll be one of those people with 50 of one thing, and zero of something else.
    brenda from ar

    1. Brenda,
      I know what you mean I am the same way it is so hard to try and think of everything. I just try to think everytime I use something if I have enough of it to last a while. I am also bad about using something and not replacing it till I am out not a good thing to do lol.


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