Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Challenge to Myself

I have to admit that this summer I have gotten a little lax in my prepping and frugal living. I have done this before, but I have to admit it is so easy to slip back into the easy ( and lazy) way of doing things. I have been buying things I shouldn’t, such as soap, and a few canned goods that I could be making myself, using the dryer and dish washer more then I should things like that.

I have been watching the markets they have fallen over 500 points in the last five days and the interest rates are rising every day. If this continues things are going to get ugly soon. So I have decided to go all out on not spending, I will be making ever thing ( and trying to not cheat ), not using the dryer or the dishwasher , try to get my electric and water down to the bare minimum. Try to live like things are already bad. Hopefully it will be a lot easier since the girls are back in school.

I know we have been headed for hard times for a few years now with fuel going up so much and the price of groceries almost doubling I just hope we have a little longer till it hits hard. It is time for me to get back up and finish getting us ready for what is coming.

I hope all of you are trying to get ready for what is coming and haven’t fallen off the wagon like I have.


  1. I have also noticed that the market has been sort of heading southward and this has been the first in a long time that mortgage rates have gone up. And, with all the trouble in Egypt the fuel will only go up. I'm waiting for the long HOT summer to be over to start the winter garden and such. I'm already down to the bare minimum with electric and etc. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It's so strange how you mentioned getting down to the bare minimum on electric. I actually challenged myself to do this in July when we were still in our huge Victorian home. Mission accomplished as our last bill was only $4.00!!!!!!!

    1. That is great I would love to know how you did it.


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