Thursday, August 15, 2013

Week 31 Food Storage Challenge

10 Pounds Shortening,lard or oil / Cocoa Powder, Chocolate Chips.

10 pound of shortening, lard, Tallow or oil. Shortening and lard will last longer then oil.

You can also make your own lard or tallow. If you have your own meat butchered be sure to tell them you want the fat.Some places will let you have fat for very little cost or free you might want to check around.I render down my lard and tallow then pressure can it fir long term storage.
I do buy some shortening and oil for soaps.
If you want oil Olive oil is your better choice. It will last a little longer and is better for you.

Cocoa Powder, Chocolate chips It is nice to have a little chocolate when things are bad. If you can find cocoa powder in bulk it is a little cheaper. You can make your own chocolate chips if you have cocoa powder I will try to show how soon. If you do store chocolate chips you need to make sure you store them with no oxygen. I have an attachment with my seal a meal to get the air out of jars for dry packing.  You could put them in your seal a meal bags. Or you could also store them with oxygen absorbers ( I haven't used these yet but have heard they are easy and really work).

Keep putting back water.

Add some more to your money stash

Get some sewing stuff even if you really don't sew it is good to have some thread and needles on hand to do repairs.
If you don't sew you might try to find someone to teach you the basics.Once you know the basics it is easy to do more. It is nice to be able to repair and make your own clothes.
If you do sew stock up on thread, needles, zippers. buttons snaps ect.

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