Monday, August 19, 2013

Major Computer issues

I have had some major computer issues had a bad virus, thought we had it fixed but no. So I had to take it to the shop I now  have it back and maybe I can get back on track and get caught up.

I will try to catch up on the food storage challenge first as I have had a couple people ask about it.

It has been a very interesting month first the computer, then we went to Grants for the Fire departments tri-state convention when we got home I noticed one of the freezers was unplugged. Apparently it had been unplugged for about a week and a half. Lost most of every thing in there, I was able to save a little cheese but that was about it. It is such a sick feeling to have to throw all that food away. Then my oven on my stove went out so I have been with out an oven for about a month. I am trying to put back the money for a new one since I don’t want to buy on credit, but with school starting I’ve had to get school clothes and stuff so it isn’t adding up very fast. I am fortunate though, I do have little toaster over that I have been using, I can’t cook as much in it but it is helping out.

I can’t believe school is already starting back. Didn’t get near all trhe things done that we wanted to do before school.

I am starting the preschool in my daycare. I was going to try and do it over the summer but that just didn’t work out. This weeks theme is zoo animals. I will try to show what we have done all week at the end of the week.

Hope every one has a great day.





  1. Dang, Darling, I'm having a better day than you! Sorry to hear about all the hassles, but seems like you've had your 'three.' Hope all gets better in a hurry.

  2. Sorry for your troubles... I hope that you can get everything working again! I know how you feel, my stove died and it took us a year to get it replaced. We are eating vegan/raw now so I hardly missed it, but it was sure nice to get my stove replaced so I can boil water and bake some bread once in awhile!

  3. Hi Connie, I was starting to wonder what had happened to you. Really this summer just flew by. I would really miss my oven as I love to bake. Will you be working at the daycare all day? So sorry for all the food you lost in your freezer. I guess that is another reason why we are all trying to can more meats this year. I pray we never have our electricity go off! I love modern conveniences.
    Blessings, Roxy


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