Thursday, July 11, 2013

Week 26 Food Storage Challenge

8 Cans of tuna or canned meat / School Supplies

Tuna or canned meat you can can your meat ( you can read here how to ). Buy or can meat that you family will eat no since in getting tuna if nobody will eat it.

School Supplies these are all on sale now, get enough to last the whole year. Then  in the middle of the year when your child runs out of paper or needs something else they will need you will not have to pay full price for it. Also when they start putting school supplies  on clearance sale but for next year. And don't forget to get stuff for home like paper, pens, tape, glue and things like that while they are on sale. Try to get enough so if money is short next year you have some put back.

Keep putting water back.

Add a little more to your cash stash.

Also with all the tension in the middle east right now you should try to keep you gas as close to full as you can. If at all possible and you don't already have you should have a few gas cans with gas ( don't forget to add fuel stabilizer) put back.

Things in the world are not looking good right now so I hope everyone is putting back a little something. You will be glad you did, as you may well need it soon.

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