Thursday, July 25, 2013

Week 28 Food Storage Challenge

25 pounds Sugar / Canning Supplies

25 sugar if you have access to honey and would like to store some of that just get a gallon of honey instead of the sugar.

Canning Supplies jars and lids. I bought some of the tattler lids a little while back. I haven't used any yet but from what I have seen people are very happy with them. I will use these on some of the stuff that I use all the time. Try to get as many flat lids as you can. They can be stored for a long time, you just need to boil them for a little longer when they have been in storage.
Jars are a little pricey so any time you can find used. If you find used don't get caught  up in paying to much for them. I will  not pay over 4 to 5 dollars a dozen for used. When buying used you need to figure out what new ones cost and how much you will be paying for the used. New jars come with lids , bands, are clean and not chipped. With used they have no lids or bands have to be cleaned and have a risk of being chipped.
If you plan on making jelly you might want to also get sure-Jell. If you have a krogers or city market they have the cheapest sure-jell.

Keep adding to your water. If you are filling empty containers you might want to go ahead and get a few cases of bottled water.

Put a little more into your money stash. Even if it is only  a couple dollars every little bit is good.


  1. I always buy 25 pounds of sugar. Since I make a lot of our bakery items ( breads, muffins ,cookies ,cakes,pancakes etc...) I go thru it pretty quick. How long can I store it for?

    1. I have sugar I have hads stored for 5 years and it is still good. I think sugar will last almost indefinitely.


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