Thursday, July 18, 2013

Week 27 Food Storage Challenge

10 pounds of powder milk / Coffee and tea.

10 pounds of powder milk you can get regular powder milk and then repackage in jars I think you can oven can it I haven't tried that yet so not sure. Or you can get the  large sealed cans of it.

Coffee and tea I just get the cheaper coffee. My husband is not to picky about his coffee (Thank goodness) I try to pick up an extra large can every few times that I go to the store.

Tea we use tea bags so I get mine at wal-mart they have the packs of 100 for 1.18 they are not wrapped which I like a lot better then the wrapped ones.

Put back more water.

Add some more money to your money stash.

For this month your action item is to check your smoke detectors and learn where your shut off valves are for your utilities, ( water gas and electric).

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