Thursday, September 5, 2013

Week 34 Food Storage Challenge

10 Cans of soup/ More Tomato stuff

10 Cans of soup get what your family likes to eat.

More Tomato stuff,  Tomato sauce,paste,whole tomatoes,crushed tomatoes,paste, pasta sauce if you don't make your own. All the tomato products that you use. We use a lot of tomato products so I can as much as I can but sometimes I still need to buy some from the store. You can figure out how much you use in  a month then times that by 12 then you will have an idea of how much you use in a year. I buy tomato sauce in the big number 10 cans since I make my own pasta sauces and enchilada sauces. We use a lot of rotel, stewed and crushed tomato's so I try to can enough of these to last all year. If you don't can them, try to find them on sale then buy as much as you can or just pick up a few extra every time you go to the store.

Put back more water.

Add some more to your money stash.

This months auction item is to get a few pairs of larger sized clothes in storage for you kids. Kids grow out of their clothes so fast.You can go to a second hand store to get inexpensive children's clothes (my kids practically grew up in second hand clothes) You can get long pants and long sleeves then you have for cold weather, and if it is in the summer that you need them you can always make shorts and short sleeves out of them. Don't forget under clothes.

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