Thursday, September 26, 2013

Week 37 Food StorageChallenge

10 Cans cream soups/Pest control items

10 cans cream soups not only can you eat these you can also use them in recipes. You can also make your own, make the base and make it as you need it.

Pest control items mouse traps, fly strips we don't have roaches here so I am not sure what to use for them,and all the other little critters that are trying to move in this time of year (or any time) where it is warm. If you can get a handle on them when they first start to move in you won't have as big of an issue with them. They are a health hazard and carry all kinds of germs. If you do have to get rid of them remember when you start to clean up after them to use bleach or Lysol to kill the germs.

Put back more water.

Add some more to your money stash.

You should also think about sanitation and hygiene issues. If there is no water you will still need bathroom faculty's. Some of the options are porta potties, a bucket with a toilet seat and kitty litter ,or an out house. If you live in an area that doesn't allow out houses you could always tuck on inside a potting shed in the back yard to use just for emergency's.If it is hid in a potting shed or shed nobody would be the wiser. If you use the porta pottie or the bucket you will need a way to dispose of the waste and in a long term situation that could be a problem. If you are on a septic system you can use a bucket of water to flush with(a good use for gray water).

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