Thursday, September 12, 2013

Week 35 Food Storage Challenge

25 pounds Wheat or Flour/ Cornmeal

25 pounds wheat or flour. If you have  wheat grinder wheat stores a lot longer then flour, if stored correctly in an air tight container.

Cornmeal if you store cornmeal you need to store in a cool place and be sure to rotate. An alternative is to buy whole corn and cracked corn and grind your own. If you do this you will need a corn grinder most wheat grinders will not grind corn.
I buy my whole corn and cracked corn at the feed store just make sure it is just corn with nothing added. I use the whole corn to make masa for tortillas with. The cracked corn I use to grind for cornmeal. Storing your corn this way it will last a very long time.
I also like to buy  a little roasted blue cornmeal I like the roasted taste. You can do this with yellow cornmeal. Just put on a cookie sheet then put in the oven at about 375 degrees stir occasional till it smells roasted and has browned a little be careful not to burn. Adds a very good flavor to your cornmeal.

Keep putting back water.

Add a little more to your money stash.

If you are not already in good physical shape now is the time to start working on that. I know I have let my extra 10 pounds turn into 20 or so.
When things get bad we will be doing a lot more physical stuff like chopping wood maybe hauling water working in the garden or maybe we will have to walk home from where ever we are, just a lot of stuff we don't normally do now.
We may not have access to health care so if we are in shape we won't have as may health issues to contend with.
So if we are in shape and prepared now it will not be to hard to transition to a more physically way of life.
If you need to lose those extra pound start on that now.

Start exercising try for at least three times a week more if you can.Even if you just start at 10 minutes a day.

Eat a more healthy diet stop the sodas and junk food even diet sodas are very bad for you just drink water. Diet Dr. Pepper is my weakness I am trying to stop but hasn't been easy. Guess I just need to tell myself no more and stop (That will power thing that I am very short on ha ha )

Stop the bad habits tobacco, alcohol,drugs. When things get bad you may not have access to these and with hard times you don't want to be trying to come off of these things.

Take your vitamins and supplements, contrary to what some will tell you you can not get all your vitamins from the food that we eat. They are  so over processed that  there are not many nutrients left in them, not to mention the soils are so depleted of minerals.

These things will help you survive a crises situation a lot easier, not to mention the added benefit from feeling so much better.
I will be starting on this now and hopefully by the holidays I am in much better shape.

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