Thursday, January 22, 2015

Make your own Green Powder

I love the idea of green powder but hate the price. So like everything else I just make my own. It may not be as full of vitamins as the store bought but I figure it's better then nothing.
You can use it in smoothies, soups, or anywhere you can hide put it. This way I can get everyone to eat a few greens with out them even knowing it :).
First start with your dried vegetables, If I have lettuce, 
Spanish, kale or any sort of green that is starting to wilt or I know I am not going to get to, I throw it in the dehydrator. Then when I have a fair amount of dried greens I make powder.
Start with your dried greens.
Put them in a food processer or blender and process.

It will be larger pieces. Then I run them through a coffee mill. Just a little at a  time.

Grind it to a powder.

I go ahead and put through a sieve to shift out some of the larger pieces that are left. When you use celery beware it is hard to get all of it powdered that is where shifting it helps.

Most of these larger pieces are the celery.

Put in a jar and use as you would green powder.
Would you make and use your own green powder?

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