Monday, January 5, 2015

300 a Month Challenge, menu and goals

I didn't get the last part of December posted so here is a update on Decembers spending.
The last post my total was 733.28 for the year.
We had a beef butchered which was 436.16
I ordered some spices and herbs from Bulk foods 377.99
Went to Napi and bought 1000 pounds of potatoes and popcorn   164.00
( 14 dollars a hundred)
Ordered fruit from FFA 120.00
A few things from City Market and Walmart 65.00

All total 1163.15
Add         733.28
Grand total of 1896.43

Over 1430.31 for the year I do buy most of my food for the year in the fall so I knew when I started this so late in the year I would be over.

Starting fresh at the first of the year I think I can stay in the budget  since there should be some months I won't spend 300 dollars.( I hope)

I have 3600 dollars to spend for the whole year. I do think this challenge will motivate to become more self sufficient, since I have to be very careful with my spending.
As I said before the daycare expenses, clothes, and my canning supplies are not included in the totals but everything else is.

The menu this week is

Oatmeal and toast
French toast
scrambled eggs and toast
yogurt and fruit

Grilled Cheese
Chicken Noddle
Mac and Cheese
PB and J
Will have what ever kind of fruit I have and crackers with the soup.
For Andy's lunch he will have leftovers from the night before.

Chili and crackers
Chicken fried Steak and fried potatoes
Navajo Tacos
Green Chili Casserole
Meatloaf and mashed potatoes
Will have a veggie of some sort and bread with each meal.
Saturday or Sunday we will have leftovers.

This weeks goals
Get the oranges, grapefruit and Tangerines juiced and canned.
Dehydrate the peels.
Pour up the lemon vinegar and pineapple vinegar I have sitting.
Make and can beef stock from the bones we got from the butchered beef.
Can some Chipotle chicken.
Months daycare lessons planned. 
Work on finishing Joleen and Katie's quilts.  
Start reentering stuff from last year into QuickBooks, to get ready for taxes.

So what are your goals for the week?


  1. I don't know where you live but, have you considered foraging for local foods? We have an abundance of free food here in southern Texas! Currently we are still eating tangerines, oranges, grape fruits, pecans some lemons and limes... We still have a couple hundred pounds of oumpkin and apples from late fall!!! Just some thoughts...

    1. Kids and Canning jars,
      I am in the four corners area, I do try to forage for berries and a few herbs. Our growing season is so short and the past few years we seem to always have a late frost that kills all the fruit. But I try to find what I can when I can,
      Have a great day,


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