Tuesday, January 22, 2013

National Western Stock Show in Denver

Andy and I went to the National Western Stock Show in Denver. It was so much fun We went by our selves ( no kids) we don't get to do that very often it was so nice.
We left Thursday Andy had to work half a day so we didn't get out of here until 2:00 so we just went half way.We stopped in Walsenberg to stay the night then the next morning up and headed to Denver. We stopped at a rest area and they had these signs I thought they were pretty good.
They make it sound so simple
I never knew this is where the chuck wagons
came from.

On our way into Denver we drove past the  new sports authority field it is big.

We get into town and go get a room then head to the stock show lots of people and lots of vendors selling all kids of things. It was in the upper 50's so nice and warm.

There was a horse jumping going on so we stopped in and watched that for a while. I was really good.

Then we went to the rodeo had the bronc ridding first.

Then the steer wrestling

Team roping.

I love to watch the horses pull the wagons it takes a lot of work to get those horses to do that.

Then the saddle
bronc riding.
The mutton busting it is so funny to watch the little ones try to ride the sheep. Reminded me of when the girls were little and they did that.

They had a small show it was the one armed bandit he rode a mule and herded the two buffalo up to the top of the trailer it was great. He just uses his legs to guide that mule.

Then they had a precision
 riding team they all carried flags and they would weave the horses in and out while running. I bet they spend hours working on that.

Next was the barrel racing.

And last but not least the bull riding. The rodeo was so good a lot of good Cowboys and a lot of good animals.

After the rodeo we went back to the room.
The next day we got up and went to a sports authority store and looked around and
bought a few things there.
Then we headed back to the stock show we went out to the yards to look around. You can't see it to well but most of the carrels are all older and there is a lot of them.
There were a lot of people there I heard someone say that they broke attendace records that Saturday with
65 thousand people.

Then we went inside and looked around got Andy hat cleaned and shaped. I had a brand necklace made I had one several years ago and the chain broke and I lost it. This one is a little different it has the rope around it.
We also had a old time picture taken I was a saloon girl and Andy was the sheriff it turned out real cute.
After that we went to a wild west show based on the old buffalo bills wild west show it was real good. Here he is standing on the backs of these two horses he gets them to running and manages to stay on.

They had chuck wagon races they get them things going fast.

After that we walked a round a little more then went back to the room I was starting to feel bad.
got up the next morning and headed for home here is a pic of the Rockies at home we get to see the other side of them.

This is the Colorado river it was iced over and looked very cold.
We get outside of  Grand Junction towards home and there  is snow I don't know if I ever remember seeing snow out there it is all dessert.

We get home and it is still cold I was really hoping for some of the 50 degree weather we had had in Denver not the mid thirties that we have warmed up to here.
It was a great trip been a few years since we had go to go.
Joleen is there now with the FFA class and have loads of fun.

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