Thursday, April 4, 2013

Week 13 Food Storage Challenge

Week 13 Food Storage Challenge

1000 Mlti -Vitamins / Canned Vegetables

Get a good multi- vitamin I get my at Puritans Pride they always have some good sales. This will help to ensure you are getting all the vitamins that you need if you are not eating right or all the correct foods.

Canned Vegetables Can your own or buy them get the ones that your family likes. Don’t get things that they will not eat just because they have certain vitamins, if they won’t eat them they won’t do any good. Try to buy these by the case for a cheaper price.

This months thing to try and get is some alterative light sources.
Sitting around in the dark would be no fun.

Obviously, lots of candles would be extremely useful. You can often find used ones for almost free at yard sales and second hand stores also look for end of season clearence sales. If you have bees you can make your own, Save the wax from old candles and broken crayons to make new candles from.

Oil lamps are great to have too. I’ve been picking these up at yard sales for really cheap as well. The larger, outdoor style oil lanterns would be handy as well as the more decorative indoor lamps.  Lamp oil is expensive; kerosene is cheaper and works just as well, although it may produce a little smoke. I’ve also read that you can burn olive oil in lamps… something I want to experiment with.

Solar lights that you can get in the garden dept for fairly cheap, Solar flashlights, and solar lanterns

Kerosene lamps make sure you have extra kerosene on hand.

Propane lamps again make sure you have lots of propane for them they make an attachment that you can hook your lamp up to a larger propane tank so you do not have to have so many small bottles.
Propane and oil lamps do put out a little heat so they would be nice in the winter.

On top of these other things use your daylight wisely. Go to bed soon after the sun goes down, and rise with the dawn. This way you won’t use up your resources “burning the midnight oil”.

And don’t forget matches and lighters won’t do any good to have some of these things and no way to light them lol


Your action item this month is to make hard copies of all your information on the computer. If you are any thing like I am, I have all my stuff on the computer, if we lost power or something happened to the computer I would lose a lot of information and recipes.

Keep up on the water.

Don’t forget to add some more money to your stash.

Check out the yard sales.

Have a great week.



  1. We set a goal to update the hard copies of our documents and put them in our safe each year when we file our taxes. It's a great time to do it because we have to be digging through files anyway!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this on The Creative HomeAcre Hop! I hope to see you again tomorrow. :)

  3. I have old kerosne lanterns. When I was a kid they were the only thing that kept us going when the power went out and that was often. I've thankfully never had to use them, but they are there if I have to.

  4. Great tips. Thanks for sharing on the HomeAcre Hop. Come back and see us this week:

  5. Provision Room,
    That is such a good idea to have a set time to make hard copies. I will have to start doing that Thanks.

    Bonnie ,
    Kerosne Lamps are great to have. Don't forget to stock up on wicks just in case you need them.

    Hope every one has a great week


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