Thursday, April 4, 2013

Week 14 and 15 self sustaining pantry

Still working on the kitchen so not able to get a whole lot done.

Did cook a Turkey I had in the freezer. I got on sale at thanksgiving. Canned the meat and made two gallons of broth.

We butchered a small steer made all of it into hamburger.

Worked in the yard to get a few areas ready to plant.

Bought some Easter Candy on clearance to put into storage and some solid chocolate bunnies on clearance to use for chocolate in recipes.

Mixed up some E.O. oils for the girls cramps.

Got our hunting licenses bought hopefully we will all draw this year.

I have some old cheap cake mixes that we don’t like so I made some cookies out a couple of them not to bad so will use the rest of them this way to get them used up.

Still need to get soap made hopefully I can get that done this week.

Need to get plants started we can’t set out until the first of June so I have to start a little later then most people.

I have some friends coming in June that I haven’t seen in about ten years so I am trying to get my yard closer to being done. I have been working on it for 7 years a little at a time, don’t know if I will ever be done I keep thinking of more things that I want to do. But if I can get these few things finished it will look a little better. So don’t know how much time I will have inside for a while.

Hope you all have a great week.



  1. Never thought of buying chocolate bunnies on clearance for recipes using chocolate. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Michelle,
    I always try out think outside the box when I see stuff on clearance sale to see if it can be used for something.


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